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Feb 1, 2004
ok, im sure this question has been answer a million times on this forum but i dont feel like searching for it. so yea... the intro to demon of the fall is mayhem backwards from what i hear. does anybody know if this is true, if so, which song from mayhem is it?
How about instead of debating whether Mayhem is good black metal or not you people answer the kids fucking question, I myself have not heard that but that would be pretty cool if it were true
lol you guys are a big help...anywho, if someone knows the answer post it up...i understand your all very funny people, but if you want ill make a seperate "im an asshole with a stupid remark" thread just for you. that way i can get the info and you can get the stupid remarks in and we are all happy!!! YAY
why is everyone bashing mayhem?
de mysteriis was a pretty damn good album.
have some respect for the originators man.
There was some link to the intro of Demon. Someone posted the original song (played forward) on this board not too long ago. Do a search, maybe you'll find it!?
AbsentFriend said:

Well it does sound ALITTLE like the intro to I AM THY LABRYNTH, so I can see how a rumour like this might have gotten started. Oh, and I saw Mayhem here in Australia a year or two ago and they were awesome - even with Maniac in his Marilyn Manson makeup ;).

I also saw Opeth a couple of weeks ago too. They kicked ass even WITHOUT the makeup. Could have chosen a better support act for drinking too though. Virgin Black, talented as they are, are not good for beer consumption. Getting to the bar once Opeth started was near on impossible!