Megadeth Brisbane


Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane Australia
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Well the brissy gang met up along with special guest Coops, and a fun night was had by all. Even though no one came up the front with me (coops's weak excuse was he was to damaged from the sydney show :) )

Just like sydney Dave and Co. put on a fantastic show, and the setlist was bloody great :D
What more can I say but ME-GA_DETH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Originally posted by Icarus
Even though no one came up the front with me
Icarus leads the way! :)

Kemmy, you promised me you'd go in the mosh for one song!! :)
I know I promised Spawny, but it was just too much trouble to get in there mid-show. I would have had to stay right up the front from the start but oh well...they were a bit too rowdy for my liking anyway :)

ARGH! And my ears are still ringing! Hehe but it was worth it. It was GREAT show and Dave is piss-funny :D
`This is MY fucken song!'
`FUCK YOU!!!!!!!'
Hahah. I'm just annoyed that I didn't go back for my ticket at the end when they were handing them all back out :(
I could hardly hear dave singing the entire show...either there were just too many people singing up the front or the sound was just shite up there. So I really had to strain to hear his gday joke hehe

I cant believe the amount of people who wore a metallica t shirt to a megadeth show. Damn that should get an automatic kick up the arse.

Tornado of souls kicked all kinds of bottom live :D

I gotta say Al really did well playing marty's solos. Al rocks :D
Alright kem, ill let you off this time, but if Iced Earth ever goes through brissy, i will EXPECT you to be up front causing mayhem :)

Iccy: I know, there were tons of metallica shirts at the deth concert here as well!

Daves joke in sydney was funny too, he said they were out on a rivercat last night and someones says "G'day"........"Its FUCKEN night man!"
Well, its funny the way he said it anyway :)

I dont get the one he said in brissy though, did I miss the punchline??
Originally posted by Icarus
Spawny...the joke he told in brissy was exactly the same as the sydney one :)

You mean he is reusing material???
Ill bet he even played some of the same songs he played in sydney as well :) Typical lazy rock stars!
He did apologize to everyone who was at the Syd show for reusing the joke.

Anyway, it was another cool show. Mark, Bev, Tanya and Tonci are all top people... you know I think all of us here on the BB are just too nice for our own good ;)

One sad note though, the bouncers were completely retarded. But we showed them right?? ;)

Tanya and myself nearly got blown away by the damn air conditioning... that was some strong air conditioning!!!! Anyway, I hope you lot had a good night. I know I did! I'll be back in a couple of years to do all it again with you guys! Brissy bunch rocks!!!
I'll say! Poor Bev almost didn't get let in :(
And my god was that fan blowing away there...not to mention all those fools that kept walking right in between us even though there was adequate space on either side. Some people...
Well, its only taken me a bloody WEEK to reply to this, but better late than never. :lol:

It was fab to meet more BBers, everyone was typically groovy, and considering the amount of waiting around we had to do (I'm telling you all now, I'm organising the next one!!! ;)) showed the patience of angels. :)

The gig was good, but as Kem said I nearly didn't get in. I generally like your country heaps, but I have to say that is the most pathetic licensing law I have EVER seen in my entire life and I don't think I'll be bothering with anymore gigs while I'm here. For those of you that weren't there, I was refused entry on the grounds that I didn't have any i.d. which is a bit of a no-brainer as I'm not from Australia (and I'm pushing 30!!). When I pointed out to the man in charge (a hairy ape that had been trained to say a few select phrases, marvelous what they can do with animals today) that my only form of ID was my passport which has my work permit inside, and I'm buggered if I'm walking around Fortitude Valley with that, all he could say was phrase number 3 - "Wait over there". Which we did. Until Kem raised the alarm and Coops came out for us and smuggled me in the back door!! :lol: What a nightmare! But the band were top, and VERY appreciative of the fans which I admire in a band. Bravo!! (How very English, ;))