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Trapped>>If i can operate a digi camera, then you surely can. Im gonna get a newie of me out very soon. SInce my looks haev changed since then. I still look young though......DAMNITT. hahha
I've got absolutely no idea about cameras... I'm not terribly smart :lol:

if i could take a picture, i would... but i can't... so i wont :lol:

It keeps up my mystery anyway...
Maybe not with music... but when it comes to electronics and lots of buttons... my mind just shuts off :lol:
Originally posted by ledmag [/i]
Oh yeah, trapped, BTW, i awoke with some new SHORT hairs today. The ones that stick right UP nad will not lay down, the ones that are LONG when you go to bed, but somehow, the SHRINK before you awake hahahahha.,

HAIR LOSS is a fucking BITCH

Just wait until you discover gray hair on your balls :lol: ...I mean, you can always wear a hat...but what do you do for THAT?
Wax them off? (YEEE-OUCH!) Pull them out so two more will grow in their place? SHAVE!?!?!?

I don't know guys...I think hair loss is the least of your worries! :lol: