Need help choosing bass strings for Spector Euro 5LX

Josh Burgess

Feb 18, 2008
Tampa, FL
Okay, so I haven't had my bass for too long and don't play bass too often. It's time to get new strings for it so I can start using it for recording, but I don't know what to get.

I usually just look up what my favorite players use for a particular instrument when I'm unsure what to get.... in this case Alex Webster plays 5 string Spector Euros and he uses DR Hi-Beam stainless steel strings, gauges 45-125 with all strings tuned down a half step. HOWEVER, he plays finger style 100% of the time, and I probably will be playing with a pick atleast half of the time.... so I'm not sure if I should get stainless steel strings, since they might be too bright when playing with a pick. Is this a reasonable concern, or are stainless steel strings the way to go for bass in a metal band?

I usually use D'Addario strings for guitar... 9-42+60 for a 7 string with floating tremolo in Bb standard. The bass is a 5 string and will be in the same tuning. I usually buy strings from and looked at the D'Addario strings there for bass and there was some comments saying the strings weren't long enough to be used on a 35" scale bass like my Spector... so, I've hesitated on buying new strings.

What would YOU guys recommend? I will probably use a pick for a lot of the faster rhythm stuff, but will also have tapping sections and a few more clean, jazzy style stuff where i'll probably play finger style with a smoother, cleaner tone. Should I just get the DR stainless steels? Or should I stick with nickel wound... if nickel wound, what strings are actually going to fit my bass?

Sorry, I'm mainly a guitarist... so, excuse the ignorance here. I'm just trying to make sure I don't blow $30 on a set of bass strings that aren't what I want.

The regular long-scale D'Addarios fit my F-205 just fine and it's a 35" scale one as well... but yeah, I have heard of other dudes who have the strings a bit too short as well. Not really THAT much of a problem, tho. They fit, but the thin part usually ends up at the nut of the bass or something which is probaby not ideal, but not that much of a big deal anyway.

If anything, D'Addario do make super-long-scale strings, tho.

I like the 45-130 nickel round wound set just fine for my F-205 which is actually in Bb standard as well right now. So that's my recommendation.
I would definitely stay with the steel strings - IME D'Addarios and DRs have retained the new string "zing" the longest. D'Addarios aren't actually that much brighter with a pick than with fingers imo. In your case, I'd definitely get their "extra long scale" strings. As long as the wound part of the string isn't winding against the post, and the thin part of the string isn't sitting in the nut, you'll be fine.

If you're going for the DRs, I'd get Lo-Riders. The hex core increases the tension over the roundcored Hi-Beams.