Need some recommendations....if possible...


May 11, 2001
Cary, NC
OK everyone, for some strange reason, I've been in the mood to buy some power metal/progressive metal over the past few weeks...not really sure where to begin....

Anyone know of anything that's definately worth checking out (I've heard random songs off Snakenet metal radio by bands like Stratovarius, Sonata Artica, and the like....but don't know what's worth checking out, and don't want to waste my money....any ideas?

Also, any thoughts on Dream Theater? I've been listening to Awake for the past week straight (after not touching the CD for about 6 years or so)....What else by them is as good?better?

I know it's not an Opeth thread....but just looking for ideas from some people who share a love for Opeth...
Originally posted by Prometheus
Also, any thoughts on Dream Theater? I've been listening to Awake for the past week straight (after not touching the CD for about 6 years or so)....What else by them is as good?better?
I've always liked the vibe I get from Live at The Marquee. Bombay Vindaloo! :)

DEFINATELY GET THE NEW SONATA ARCTICA!!!!!! You may need to get the import but its worth it.... its an amazing cd.... but if you cant get that... then you MUST get Avantasia - the metal opera...... its up there in the top 10 power metal albums everrrr.......... the new jag panzer is supposedly really good so i would check that one out.........Falconers s/t album also is a fucking amazing one....... if your looking for softer shit too you should get porcupine tree - lightbulb sun..... =0 or if you want to consider nightwish power metal... get the album by nightwish - oceanborn...
Check out Symphony X! They sound somewhat like Dream Theater, but with some influences of power metal. Good musicians, good vocals and good songs. Try the albums Divine Wings Of Tragedy or V - The New Mythology Suit.

Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands and I recommend that you check out Images And Words, Live At The Marquee, A Change Of Seasons and Metropolis pt 2: Scenes From A Memory.
I also did something like you with Dream Theater. I could not get over the operatic singing of the lead singer, and was put off enough to not listen to it after I bought the album. Years later I started listening to it again, and was really into it. In fact, I really was not a fan of that sort of singing in metal for a long time, but finally grew to like it.

If you want more Dream Theater, try out the amazing “Images & Words” and “A Change of Seasons”

I also have to a put a good word in for Symphony X. They will remind you of Dream Theater. Try out “The Divine Wings of Tragedy”
I'm not very familiar with progressive metal, except for Symphony X, but one of the better power metal bands is Nevermore. You should check them out.
blind guardian.
Zero Hour. Definately get this one..go to the ultimatemetal homepage (there isa link at the top of the board page) and read the review for their new album, towers of averice. it's a fair review and it's a great album. really heavy progressive metal with really powerful vocals.

get dream theater's metropolis 2, scenes from a memory. their best work i think.
Progressive & power metal are pretty much my favorite genres, so I could go on about this for ages... But just to list some bands, with their best albums...

Savatage - The Wake of Magellan
Symphony X - V: The New Mythology Suite
Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element
Therion - Vovin
Arena - Immortal?
Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine II
Angel Dust - Enlighten the Darkness
Dream Theater - Awake
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime
Shadow Gallery - Tyranny
Royal Hunt - Paradox
Stratovarius - Episode
Helloween - The Dark Ride
Kamelot - Karma

That's just a few essentials I can think of at the moment...
Many excellent suggestions, Mad Poet...I really think you and everyone else should check out my column at the link posted above, mostly progressive and some power, and a substantial amount of atmospheric black and melodic death has found its way there as well...
Dream Theater's "Scenes from a Memory" is one of the top 10 Albums ever released!!!
so check it out, it is much better than Awake.

Also, Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle-Earth", their best album.
Not quite, actually, there's two parts to "Metropolis"... "Metropolis- Part 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper" was the name of a song on the Images and Words record and was kinda Dream Theater's "big signature tune" that all the fans really liked... and their most recent album was called "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory" and expanded on some of the ideas from that song, both lyrical and musical. "Images and Words" was largely considered their best album... until "Scenes From a Memory" came out.

...hope that helps...
Nobody has mentioned Nightwish yet, have they? Their album Wishmaster is definately a small classic when it comes to power/progressive metal. Gotta love those female vocals!