Nevermore and Drugs

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what are u talking about?
nevermore never have any direct or indirect reference to any kind of drug legal or not! otherwise wd, who mainly writes the lyrics would be burning in the ninth plain of hell along with judas' soul.

as for the drug doing thing, you know you will join NoLordy, don't you?
here in greece all these things you mention are expensive (as i define expensive). i don't do any, because half my salary is spent for the car and the other half is spent for metal.
Only illegal drug I've ever done is marijuana, and that's fucking godly. Thought about having a trip... but haven't gone through with it.

And interesting approach to Nevermore lyrics Mr LSD, very interesting indeed.

Actually, i would like to add 'next in line' to your list LSDman.

"I don't want to be saved, i'm next in line to die"

-The testament of a drug addict who has lost all hope, who has succumbed to an elicit mental addiction. 'I've given up, so please don't try and save me, i am beyond saviour'

"This void illusion, i suffer for"

-Most definately speaking of a trip. "This void illusion", a hallucination. Suffering for his hallucination, he is killing himself to keep tripping.

"I am the pilot of my destruction"

-I am the master of my own fate. I have chosen my destiny.
LSD-man, Yes I agree w/you on 4 walls, it was written about a friend of their's and WD has stated that his friend has never even had the opportunity to hear the song because of his incarceration. How shitty is that!!!! And yes, the DNB thing: "I'll meet you in the dreamtime" is referencing the dreams he used to have about HER. That's all for now.

yeah trapped I thought about putting that one in there but didn't for some reason, thanks for correcting me

Metalized_not_logged_in- I am not to sure about that. A lot of direct drugs have been heard in nevermore... in Lost the voice saying "LSD is a powerful drug that is definately recomended for people with establishmental problems" okay how direct is that. in Timothy Leary "Windowpane is suffered bliss, a psychedelic kiss" windowpane is a term for acid. I could go on but won't.
gET INTO some other chemicals, metal and drugs/acohol mix it well, to create another world..

TRY NEUROSIS...they are the sickiest shit out on mind bending shit
WELL ATLEAST WD AND CO, aren't predicable and have got integrity.
if trapped is right with the next in line thing i think it's interesting to see how different WD writes about drugs...Long Since Dark is definitivly positve....and really poetic ("the diamonds dance in nocturnal symphony"). NIL warns for the danger that drugs contain....interesting... :)
Next in Line is about heroin abuse... there is a large gap between LSD and heroin in my book. In CBF Warrel also tells about the dangers of abuse. Use drugs don't abuse them, if you want of course... I don't think Next in Line is necessarily talking down to drug use, it is basically a song like fuck you I am who I am, "Labeled sick, but I'm just a man, everyone I love has left me for dead."
I think any one of nevermore's songs could be seen as a song about drugs, but also, every song that has been analyzed with drugs in mind COULD be analyzed in a totally different way. I don't really want to know what warrel dane wrote the song about, i only care about what I personally take away from those lyrics. You can analyze it anyway you like, each analysis is just what YOUpersonally have taked from the song.

I have actually found that it is best to not know what the artist WROTE the song about, it keeps up the mystique about their words. I have been really dissapointed at what some people have writtent heir songs about, when i have been listening to the song and making my own analysis of the lyrics, and my analysis is so much deeper than what it was actually written about.
I don't really want to know what warrel dane wrote the song about, i only care about what I personally take away from those lyrics.

yea! sorry...i should have written "what are IYO nevermore songs about drugs..."

i agree to your'S the same with interpreting books and stuff...we'll never know what kafka wanted to say but we can build an image of it ourselfs and refer it to our lifes/minds....
I have found many times that i have interpereted books a different way to what they were 'intended' by the artist, which is a bit strange, because usually i have a pretty indepth idea of what is going on and the symbolism of everything...