Nevermore at the Highland Theater

Sep 21, 2001
Akron, OH

Well, I just have to say that the show last night was the best one I've seen them play so far. It was too awesome for words. And thanks to Warrel for talking to my friends and I after the show! Come back soon!!!!
Yeah it was awesome, I've seen them twice, and I'd say this show was definitely better than the first, at least to me it was.
I got to talk to Warrel for a few minutes after the show too, which was cool since I didn't get to meet him at the last one.
Yes, it was quite the show.

Although they did have some problems in the beginning, it turned out good. Loomis was getting pissed during the beginning of 'This Sacrament'. Something kept fucking up.

Personally, I didn't like either of the other bands. Aftershok really pissed me off and I didn't even stay for Savatage. I really only wanted to see Nevermore anyway.

But yes, Loomis IS a god.
Yeah Nevermore was the only reason I was there. Didn't enjoy Aftershok too much, their music wasn't anything special in my opinon, and they didn't seem to get into it at all, I mean they pretty much just stood there, half the time the guitarist looked like he didn't want to be there to me heh. I didn't stay for Savatage either, left after their first or second song. But it was still worth it, just for Nevermore

Yeah I'm not sure what was messing up in the beginning, it seemed like he was going out of tune or something, between Engines of hate and This sacrament he was tuning it, and then again before Narcosynthesis.