Nevermore - "Nevermore (reissue)" (CD)

I agree totally. But I don't think of it is as a bad thing when the music itself sounds so good. I don't think there's anything wrong with "safe", especially when the band has already produced records that sound so much more organic. And I remember reading an interview with Joe back before the album came out where he said they "finally attained the sound they've always been looking for" on the new record. So even though the older recordings sound so much different and more unique, that may have never even been their intention.

Bottom line... when you're as badass as Gojira is, no kind of production is going to make the songs suck ;)

I just did. Highly interesting guy ! Don't know how far I can agree with him, but he's so unwavering in his thoughtlines that it makes his ideas interesting to me. I like people who are consistent in their approach.

As a corollary, I expect NM-fans to be consistent, as one has to cut thru a lot of superficial and flashy junk to get to such complex and demanding music.

Thanks, Brooks. I might return later on this subject.

TGE was pretty crap by Nevermore standards.

:yell: Ya can't be serious !

I don't eat meat either, so don't pull any of that high and mighty shit on me, bub.

Great Brooks. I was of course kiddin with my last statement, but you know that.

What got me going on all this was the ultra-disgusting cheeseburger that you flung in my face.

But you seem like a sensitive type that might not be able to handle his blunt force honesty.

I wouldnt say so. I just don't like gratuitous racism and anti-religious statements.

I actually prefer that people speak directly (like on the Neverboard), as long as they listen to and respect other opinions than their own.

I will be really happy when everyone finally realises that the Nevermore "debut album" was in fact 8 songs taken from two sets of demos hurriedly knocked together for Epic Records. In fact, when the first demos were recorded the band was still called Sanctuary. Epic was moving in another musical direction (alternative) and passed on re-signing the band.
I didn't know - how could I have? It's of course 100% true that it's clearly audible that Nevermore were still finding their way at the time, and what you just said helps put that album into perspective. Thanks for the info!

Yeah, right.

This place is more Skull'n'Bones and burgers than Nevermore and music. Seems like the guys don't care much for it either.

Maybe you guys should consider some changes. I know that there are some serious people around here too.

Meanwhile I'm off to look up my fave group other places - and I won't read your replies, so don't bother .....
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