Nevermore to appear at Rock Hard Festival 2003

ahum, my translation...
I think he means heir like in the english heir..this is the flemish people because it's 'het Vlaamse heir'. if it was seigneur it would have been 'de vlaamse heer'. And 'daar' should not be translated as 'there' but as 'because' or 'as': because/as it'll win or die

well, my two cents...I'm not attacking someone here...('t is niet om u in diskrediet te brengen he Iris. enne, 't is c'est;)
You can't help it either Iris :p

anyway, I had to cancel my tickets for Symphony X ...sigh...

One day I WILL see them...


ID (oga Bjorn hé)
This fall, they will return Bjorn and then they will headline so...
They were good! Rullo's timing blew me away!!
Allen's voice was in good condition and the whole band was playing as tight as hell can be!! I loved it!
Ah...too short but that's what you get with support-acts.
I still don't understand why support acts get a nasty sound and the last band will get every credit. It's unfair! Why not give all the bands the same credit and let the crowd decide which band gets all the attention, instead of a record company who decides how and which?
I just don't get it..but hey, that's political stuff in the business..and i think i can better keep away from that..although i can't resist of complaining about it, it bugs me.
Stratovarius? Man, i might as well had gone home after symphony!
Strato was disappointing.
Ok, Jens was playing well, bassplayer (forgot his name) was in good form if i may say so!, Kotipelto was shrieking as usual and Tolki wasn't bad either..but the drummer? Oh boy..
i got irritated and annoyed by the fact he was floating all the time, he just played like shit! And man, their faces get wiped off with towels all of the time, after one zip of a bottle of water a new one comes in place..what a WASTE!! and the drummer? pff..his back got wiped off every 5 seconds, it seemed! What a CIRCUS!!
And it's soo obvious they are endorsed now, they threw with drumsticks, skins, towels, and picks all too royal, if i may say so.
Not that i don't want this for them, i don't mind..but it's weird to see a band and all the hype around it.
But the band was cool and all... kotipelto even took a camera from a guy in the crowd,taping all that happend on stage..that was cool though!
But..despite of the disco-snow-show and hype:
it was my last Stratovarius concert, i guess....
Oh yeah, even more weird!!!
Strato had a MOSH-PIT going on!!! Can you beliiieeeeeeeeve that?
We were at the balcony and man, my jaw almost fell on the ground!!
Those 15 year olds were moshing!! On strato!! oh boy!!
And NO!! i thought about that too : damn, i almost forgot i was 15 too..but i never moshed on Strato!! hell no! Hmm, now that i think of it, i never went into the mosh-pit..heh!
I would get aggressive, i guess.. hm, ok..i'll stay OUT of the mosh-pit, that's no place for me to be!!
Ok, well..
we did have a good time, so..the evening was a succes!

well someone in my class did go the other day and she didn't like them...?? Dunno how that's possible but she found them to be a little 'verwijfd' ;) kinda queer-ish...hmm...
Iced Dragon said:
well someone in my class did go the other day and she didn't like them...?? Dunno how that's possible but she found them to be a little 'verwijfd' ;) kinda queer-ish...hmm...

And that was the only thing she said?
Who? Kotipelto? well, he is, i have to admit that! :lol:
Can't say Russel allen is "verwijfd"..
but it's all show!!
If a band can play, i'm all ears!!

Iris said:
If a band can play, i'm all ears!!


Hey I second that!!
She didn't like them but she thought Stratovarius was good.

Well, I found David Defeis to be somewhat 'queerish' too but that guy's a great vocalist and musician!!

Allez, salut en de kost he