Nevermore to appear at Rock Hard Festival 2003

But, I smell the reek of not only putrefaction, but of lies, deceit, and utter nonsense. That was the worst case since Pat Robertson came within 100 miles of here.
It's the Amott curse. I'll slowly degenerate into a babbling cretin who hears nothing but the sound of guitars playing harmoniously. All in all not a bad way to spend the rest of your life.
Oreo milkshake good. In other words, the doctor says that NoLordy's blood pressure is too high! Well, noooo shit, Dr. Kim (Yes, that's real.) N. L. is always stressed to some point, so he is as surprised about this as Bush is coherent.
haha, dr.Kim is Chinese? or it's a her-dr.Kimberly? :D
my b-pressure gets so low, that that device can't measure it. like 89/56 'n shit. I get dead from time to time. but seriously. :)
Jae R. Kim, he's Chinese. I broke my toe just now, makes it the 5th time in my life, SAME TOE. (My feet are weird, so I stub my pinky toe often...) Normally it just hurts, but something cracked. My dad broke his a lot too. Fucking big feet. Must go, bloodwork tomorrow. REALLY good doctor, forcing me to do blood work, he cares. :) Goodnight.
And yes, I'm in pain. I can usually fight it, but this is very hard, and such a little toe making such a big fuss is weird. Time for asprin... Goodnight again.
Guess what? I broke it more this afternoon at the blood test place... It went *crackle* Hell, I don't mind it anymore, my dad said I'll break it 10 more times in my life. :D
I don't have to take her to school at night, it was early the next morning he wanted me to take her.
that's very nice.
I had the honour to change dipers to my brother, but never to my sister. I didn't even like her when she was a baby.
she is a very nice young woman now.
My sister still sucks. If she grows up to be anything like my mother, I'll have to pity the man she reels in.
I'm out of here, NoLord, again. the place has become too much of a shithole, and I really don't need this in life. PM or else... g-luck.
long live Nevermore, great band, poor people for having this kinda forum. understandable they don't participate.
if you find me, I'm there, if not, not worth bothering.
stay cool.
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