New Opeth video is Up !!!

Jul 12, 2001
The new Opeth video is up on
A surprise is waiting for you.. The video came out awesome.. Cant be compared to the ones that I uploaded before .. THe audio is great (well,still some deep cracks and noises.. If you have audio editing skills,please let me know !! )

Im sure you all gonna love it.. You can find all the information you need on the site,not the suprise though.. You'll see it when you watch the whole thing..
however,low-res sample isnt available yet

The videos are up for a short time,so I recommend you to download it asap.. Thanks to Protocol for letting me use his webspace,also Hoserhellspawn for the page desing.
As I said,the videos are up for a short time.. The rest of the site has been down for a while, If you have some webspace that you can spare,or know a good host.. Please let me know..

Once again,the video is a must to download ! you all gonna love it ..Im sure the ones that were bitching would love too..

Emre aka Ytse,

That was fucking great, who did the intro there? Awesome. I love the camera changes and fade-ins and outs.

Anway, one thing I don't like about the video, in fact all live recordings of opeth music: most of them are better and deeper in some way in the "feel" and/or ambience of the songs. Something about it, the songs come to life in a way that's missing in the studio recordings. Though what's positive about this is that I get a renewed perspective on the songs, and learn to appreciate the recordings as they are in the albums. It makes me wonder how wildly different some "songs" can feel just by a slight change in tempo here and there.

Thnks for making our lives better Yste!

btw, did hoser also do the "bM" logo? That's cool too, and site is very well done, it feels very inviting.
No,the logo was desinged by Protocol hehe.. he made that in less than one hour,I think he has some creative skills that you didnt know about hehe.. It amazed me so that I used it in both video and the site

And the animations and editings made by me btw :)
Thorough wickedness, Emre.

I love the album to live audio transition at the beginning, it was smooth, like a heavily waxed baby's bottom, or perhaps covered in teflon if requiring re-entry into the atmosphere. Sound is decent, the angles move around enough to keep it interesting, and ...fuck! We now have a live Opeth video! How cool is THAT?!

Thanks again on behalf of all Opethians! (or at least those that didn't already)
That's an excellent video. The sound quality is good and it syncs up perfectly. I love the fades also. Did you have a bunch of friends all taping the thing at once or something? I love how it fades to Martin Mendez headbanging away like usual even during the soft part.

Originally posted by Confessor
Fucking great video! Thanks.
Though we cant hear Peter much, the sound is good overall.
Cant wait for Demon Of The Fall.

well. I had 2 choices,either to use the same audio from the old clips,which you can hear Peter all the way but with lots of cracks etc.. or this one which is pretty good,

If i knew someone with audio editing skills.. It'd be so much better to mix those two, but I just left the audio the way i captured it without any editing :)
That video is fucking awesome!!! I plessed play and was like...back at the concerts all...:eek:

Very cool. Thanks...
:eek: That was incredible!!:eek:
It would have taken me 5-6 hours to d/l at home, but at work 14 minutes!! :)
Excellent presentation from start to finish! The video is incredible! I love the double-camera views.. which show was it filmed at? I'm trying to collect all the videos that get spread from the tours so if you have a contact on getting a copy of that one let met know. BUT.. the video you've put up is so well done. I got a bunch of new heros I think! :)

The background design very beautiful but then the opening (and ending) video sequences are top notch! WOW! :D You get my highest rating. I can't wait for DEMON!!
Thanks very very much for making that...and keep up the ! fantastic job!!! A++++++++++++
Ytse this is amazing. It took me all night to download it with my shitty dial up connection, but it was worth it. You rule!!! I can't wait for Demon!!!

p.s. I would also like to know what show this is from.
:D it also took me all night to download but at 6.00am when the cat jumped on my face :D there it was THAAANK YOUUU!!!