New Opeth video is Up !!!

Well,I havent started working on the new one yet,my school is starting this week,lotsa things to do.
so I will be able to work on it in atleast 2 weeks,and to finish it may take more than a week :)

Yeah i know its a long time,but its gonna be worth it :)
Hey the Video was awesome man. I have the camera angles, and the first part of the video and last its sweet.Great job! By the way, do you know if you can put it on winmx or one of those sites, so other opeth fans can download it on there when the opeth video site goes away?
Well I cant do that with winmx,not with my 56k..But I think the ones that have downloaded the video and also using winmx might have done that already,I dont have anything to say to that..but I'd rather want the video to be downloaded from the site

Dont worry though,even the part of the site that Protocol is hosting goes down,there is already a mirror file being hosted by, a fan from the mailinglist.
I"m no computer expert, but here's what I did.

Pay attention.

Go to start menu and then into programs directory. Click onto Msdos prompt. And then from there, go to the proper directory, for instance, if you have the file saved to the desktop, type cd windows/desktop. My ms dos begins in the directory of windows so I just type cd desktop. I locate the file and rename it. For convenience I rename the opeth video file beforehand to "1" via the right button on the mouse, sicne it's easier to deal with.

Anyway, here I type "rename 1.asf" (or whatever the name of the file is for you)

Then I go back to desktop and rename the new file whatever I want- which naturally would be "opeth drapery falls live"

There's got to be a better way to do this. Too bad the simpel "rename" doesn't actually change file extensions- but then again maybe it does, and I have just not learned how to activate that......
Hey you ! I can't open the zip file, the computer says it's maybe corrupted or what !! shit, 45MB downloaded for the balls of Jean-Paul II !!! Anyone can help me ???