New pointless death metal poll

Your favourite bands out of these

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1. Dying Fetus
2. Suffocation
3. Immolation

No Morbid Angel?????? They would be 4

4. Cryptopsy

I am just getting into Malevolent Creation and Monstrosity. Can anyone tell me the best cd's by these two thanks.

I voted for 16 of them haha.
I really like a lot of bands on that list, but I only picked three because I didn't want to be picking over half of the bands on there. I picked Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Monstrosity, since I like catchy, yet somewhat technical death metal the best. But I also really like Cryptopsy, Immolation, Demilich, Malevolent Creation, Gorerotted, and Cannibal Corpse.
I loved None So Vile, because it was chaotic but still had memorable riffs, and Lord Worm is the man. Their last two albums did nothing for me. Not just because I hate Disalvo's vocals, but the riffs just weren't as memorable and they don't play them long enough to realize one riff from the next.