GMD Poll: Best song on Solstice - New Dark Age

What is the best song on Solstice - New Dark Age?

  • Alchemiculte

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  • Blackthorne

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  • The Keep

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  • New Dark Age II / Legion XIII

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Vegard Pompey

Feb 26, 2008
I know it hasn't been that long since the previous poll, but I was eager to move on to an album that hasn't already been discussed to death. The previous poll is still open so remember to vote in that one if you haven't already:
GMD Poll: Best song on At the Gates - The Red in the Sky is Ours

Solstice - New Dark Age
Cast ever out to the tides of time...

Ranked #7 for the year 1998 with 54 points
  1. New Dark Age / The Sleeping Tyrant
  2. Cimmerian Codex
  3. Alchemiculte
  4. Hammer of Damnation
  5. The Anguine Rose
  6. Blackthorne
  7. The Keep
  8. Cromlech
  9. New Dark Age II / Legion XIII
Vote for your favorite track! The poll will stay open for 2 weeks.
Yeah, the list randomizer at is clearly a member of the in-crowd. Sorry Omni, machines have obsoleted you.
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New Dark Age / The Sleeping Tyrant. The rest of the metal songs are boring, but all the folky stuff in the middle is pretty good too.
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Went with Hammer of Damnation mostly because it was the first song I heard and what made me fall in love in the first place.
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haha i was struggling to decide between the opener and 'cromlech' and decided to go for the one that was getting the least praise. turns out i broke a tie.

all of these songs are a little awkwardly written and fall short of greatness for me, but i still really enjoy all of them. tricky round.