GMD Poll: Best song on Solstice - New Dark Age

What is the best song on Solstice - New Dark Age?

  • Alchemiculte

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  • Blackthorne

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  • The Keep

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  • New Dark Age II / Legion XIII

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haha i was struggling to decide between the opener and 'cromlech' and decided to go for the one that was getting the least praise. turns out i broke a tie.

all of these songs are a little awkwardly written and fall short of greatness for me, but i still really enjoy all of them. tricky round.

I'm in the same position because I like both songs pretty much equally, but I'm going to vote for "Cromlech" just to be a meddling bitch.
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i strongly considered 'hammer of damnation' but it's slightly spoiled by the last minute or so, where the chorus gets awkwardly repeated in different keys after the song should IMO already have ended. i struggle to listen to that chorus without anticipating those pointless/contrived key changes, which sucks because it's an awesome chorus. my main complaint with the album in general is the songs are a little overstretched, could do with some tightening up for the sake of momentum.
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