New pointless death metal poll

Your favourite bands out of these

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Guardian of Darkness said:
Hehe, I'd hardly call me a 'Metal Archives guy', I've only posted there about 70 times. My postcount is almost 6000 here.
Wow, my post count is higher than yours at Metal Archives then. For some reason I thought you posted more over there.
How long does it take on MA(or how many points) to be able to correct and change band members in bands ?
I chose Demilich mainly because neither Gorguts nor The Chasm were listed. I had to go with next best.
Edit: Minutes after posting this I frantically listened to Demilich's entire discography.
FailingAcension said:
Cryptopsy and Dying Fetus

Maybe you don't like Cryptopsy's music, but you WILL bow down before Flo!
Flo > you
Don't worry, I still fully acknowledge Flo's mastery of existence exceeding mine and just about everyone else's. I still enjoy Cryptopsy, I've just started to prefer other bands.
Don't worry fella, the post was aimed at the general audience.
Who still must acknowlegde Flo as King.

How do you spell acknowlegde?