New tattoo (before and after)...

lizard said:
maybe...and it's true I've never done it for 2 1/2 hours either.
I've found it gets more intense as it goes on. The first two minutes are usually intense, then the endorphins kick in. The next hour is OK. Does it feel good? Hell no. But it's by no means tough to endure. After that first five minute break, when your body thinks it's over and you start up again, than I've found it grows increasingly more intense.

BlackwaterNymph said:
Very nice. Once it scabs over, make sure to pick 'em off so it will stay bloody and metal like that.

Then, you get get it redone because you picked the scabs and didn't let it heal properly!!! ya!:lol:
Given you seem to have the magical ability to look at any picture and determine what cosmetic surgery and/or air-brushing was done to improve an actresses looks, I'm not exactly bothered that you can see it.