News about Australian tour

Chow Mai Dong said:
The Hi-Fi never has seated shows, as nice as that would've been. The Corner Hotel (where they played last) does that, but they can only fit in about 250 people when they do that.

Supports? Ehh if they're doing Damnation stuff I reckon get Chalice again, or Virgin Black.
Yeh Virgin Black would be a top support act if they were only doing a Damnation set, Chalice is also good, maybe Elegeion as well? Hahaha knowing Australia support bands it will be Blood Duster, or something that way out compaired to Opeth o_O
curbstone said:
Hey Cutter,

How's things?

The plan is for me to come down to both Brisbane and Sydney shows. I'll let you know the details when the shows are confirmed (if?)...

As for Mick...I don't know...I doubt it for some reason...but I'm yet to ask him....again, I'll let you know...


Things are good dude. Looking forward to Opeth and all. It'd be sweet to see Mick down here again also. I'm sure at least 1 sydney show will be confirmed. I can't see them coming to Australia without doing a sydney show. Fingers crossed. Either way, I'll fly to melbourne if I have to.
Spike said:
I was going to discount their availability straight away though, as they already have 3 Gigs lined up in Mid-November in Brisvegas... and are looking into covering the other capitals at a later date.
That'd be right, 3 gigs in Brisvegas and they haven't played Melbourne in... er... recent memory at all? Sodding bastards. :p

"Other capitals at a later date" sounds dandy, however. :)

Ooh yeah, maybe Alarum doing some sort of jazzy acoustic set would be good too, heh.
A few things about the Melbourne shows.

I am not surprised that they are playing three shows in Melbourne and doubt this is a typo. I missed them earlier in the year at the Corner Hotel (approx 700) as they sold out over a month before the show... first time I have heard this happen for a metal band. Shows in Melbourne that allow under 18's cannot sell alcohol, thus an under 18's show.

They have received a lot of airplay in Melbourne, their CDs sell really well, and I have been told they are the most popular metal band in Australia at the moment... Melbourne LOVES Opeth. It would not surprise me if they drew two or three thousand people in a larger venue. Plus I am sure they loved their time in Melbourne earlier this year! I am just disappointed I will be missing them yet again... :(

The Hi Fi is a very nice viewing venue, and would hold around 800-1000 people. Apart from perhaps the upstairs bar overviewing the stage, there is no seating. I saw shows during the Comedy Festival there with plastic seats, but I doubt that they would use them for the Opeth show. About five years ago Strapping Young Lad recorded a show there which they used for a live album, so there is a possibility that Opeth have that in mind.

I am also lead to believe that these shows are a tour for Damnation, and will only be a mellow set (not heavier material). I must admit that I am a little surprised at the choice of venue if this is the case. Support bands? Very interesting...
FYI, I just got confirmation that there are more Gigs ‘in the works’ for the last leg of this tour, so all you ancy blokes in Bris-vegas and Sydney can un-knot your knickers now. ;) (Just kidding about that last part).

However, the dates (or in my case, date) aren’t 100% confirmed yet, so I’ve been asked not to release them at this time. :( (And yes, I DO fear retribution in the form of castration via guitar string, :erk: so I won’t be pressured into telling ‘just that one person more’)

Look on the bright side though, we already know the start and finish dates for the final leg of the tour, which doesn’t leave much room for movement for the remaining gig’s…. assuming they go ahead like planned of course. :)

You do the math. ;)



So happy!
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...perhaps it will come back to me in time, like it often does. :erk:


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Jo said:
So happy!
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Yo Kush and the Hammering Moss guys.... looks like i mght be doing a road trip and going to all of the shows in australia.... well SA, VIC, and NSW.

So i might be able to catch up with u guys. I am friend of Dean Pasaris, Sullen_Jester.
i was lucky enuf to catch the Damnation tour in San Francisco, and no it wasnt seated...its still a very energetic show, especially when they get to the non-damnation songs...cant wait to get to these ones tho, try and get my us tour shirt signed:D