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During Hypocrisy's golden years, there is not a single Pain album that I would say even comes close. Abducted, The Final Chapter, The Fourth Dimension, self-titled, Into The Abyss. It's also subjective and very different styles of metal. When I hear a line like "suck my balls" though, it's hard for me to take it seriously. Hypocrisy is an afterthought for Peter at this point. I think he puts most of his focus into Pain, which is fine. It's more mainstream sounding and therefor more accessible. He probably makes a lot more money touring with Pain than Hypocrisy.
I agree about that line "suck my balls" not being his strongest lyrics. I felt embarrassed too when I first heard it.

Those Hypo albums you mentioned definitely are amazing.

Every releases until ATOED are amongst the best things that ever happened to the whole metal world :kickass:

(I mean from The Fourth Dimension because the first two are juste proto Hypo)
I like both Hypo and Pain for their respective atmospheres but lyrics were always cheesy if not straight up silly. They don't ruin the rest of the music for me personally at all.
I still prefer older Pain stuff when they were more of a straight up industrial band than nowadays where stylistically it's fairly free and anything can happen between two songs. Check out their older live dvd when he had two chicks in the band, perfect pacing from one song to another.

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Giving some love to a new, currently unsigned Finnish band. Only two permanent members as far as I can see - Roi Partanen and Zsolt Szlagyi. Can't say I know either of them, but it doesn't look like either have been active in the metal scene for much longer than a few years anyway. They appear to have guest vocalists on all their tracks - Nitte Valo, Mikael Salo, Leonard F. Guillan, Stephen Baker and Juanma Draven. Again, I'd be lying if I said I knew any of these people (except Nitte Valo, as I have listened to early Battle Beast and also Burning Point).

Anyhow, their debut album (self-titled) is pretty eclectic, but that's what I love about new bands. No expectations, no conforming to a preconceived notion of what they need to sound like. Just throwing shit out there and seeing how it lands. Cyhra - Letters to Myself style. That's what I want. There are a few songs with lyrics about the Ukraine/Russia conflict, so if you don't want politics in your metal this might be a deal breaker, but to me I don't see the issue with singing about a real war any more than a fictional one. Arguably it makes more sense to do the former nowadays.

I appreciate any band that gives me a song that reminds me of old school 1990s Power Metal. The cheesy, earworm melodies, singalong chorus, crystal clear production, energetic drumming... all there.

Then you've got one song which is purely instrumental, 'Capital Punishment', which is much more standard modern melodic metal, but has gutiar sections which remind me of classic MDM which is nice. Typically I'm not hugely into instrumentals, but I like this one a lot. Dem melodies starting at 01:26 / 02:20, yessir. That's giving me good, old school scandinavian metal vibes.

Stuff like this is really what I wanted from Cyhra. Experimenting, thinking outside the box, doing something different. LtM did this really well, then NHIH and TVT were straight up boring, cookie-cutter comemrcial metal shit. Give me these lads doing something fresh any day.
Most recent played 10 for Saturday morning in the UK...

Bruce Dickinson - Power of the Sun (Heavy Metal, 2005)
Saint Deamon - Way Home (Power Metal, 2009)
In Flames - My Sweet Shadow (Melodic Metal, 2006)
Dragonforce - Fallen World (Power Metal, 2012)
3 Inches of Blood - Destroy the Orcs (Power Metal, 2002)
Itō Kanako - Hacking to the Gate (OST, 2011)
Kamelot - We Are Not Separate (Power Metal, 1997)
D12 - Words Are Weapons (Hip Hop, 2001)
Veiled in Scarlet - Cannibalistic Dream (Melodic Death Metal, 2022)
Edguy - Vain Glory Opera (Power Metal, 1998)
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My ten most recently played are

Sleep Token- Vore (Song is blackgaze-y, but the band is Modern Metalcore, 2023)
Alexisonfire- Conditional Love (Post-Hardcore/Shoegaze?, 2022)
Grayscale Season- Still Hurts (Modern Metalcore, 2023)
Hundredth- Youth (Shoegaze, 2017)
Thousand Eyes- Endless Nightmare (Melodic Death Metal, 2015)
Slowdive- Sugar for the Pill (Shoegaze, 2017)
ERRA- Alpha Seed (Metalcore, 2013)
Ada Rook- Gravity Weapon (Some sort of screamo noise electronic music, 2022)
Carrion Vael- Tithes of Forbearance (Melodic Death Metal/Technical Death Metal, 2022)
Dark Tranquillity- White Noise / Black Silence (Melodic Death Metal, 2002)

Way more newer stuff than what I normally listen to, but I guess that’s what it is at the moment. I usually hate modern metalcore, but Still Hurts is genuinely fantastic, with a gorgeous acoustic section playing simultaneously with a breakdown that actually works. The metalcore part sounds old hardcore-inspired metalcore rather than new chugging shit, and it’s really just the vocals that have a huge modern feel to it. The band’s from Gothenburg, so that makes it make sense to me.
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It took about a year for me to fully get into Sleep Token— Even then, I think their debut album kinda sucks, and a few songs on Take Me Back to Eden made me nearly tune out of the album on first listen. It’s not nearly as metal overall as I’d like (And not just metalcore, they have enough basic core guitarwork for my liking), and I think how constructed the compositions feel can definitely turn some people off. Vore’s fantastic though, it’s far and away my favorite song by them, and I really hope they’ll make something else like it in the future. I’d love to give song recommendations in hopes that something would click, but I genuinely think that the band just isn’t for some people, and understandably so. Hypnosis is the only real metal/rock song on This Place Will Become Your Tomb, but I think it might just be their best album overall, and Two is a surprisingly natural-sounding EP. I know their rabid fanbase would tear the throats out of anyone who doesn’t give Eden 10/10, but I still think they’re just a really good band with a ton of potential to make something incredible in the future. Overrated for sure, as their discography suffers catastrophically from being so hit and miss, but they’re absolutely incredible to me when they do hit.

I fucking love old ERRA, genuinely some of the best metalcore I’ve heard despite not being super raw whatsoever. Aside from Gungrave, Idle Wild, and Slow Sour Bleed, I just fucking hate new ERRA, the magic just completely drained out after Alan Rigdon left/got kicked out (Neither side’ll go into details). I think Drift is still a good album, Luminesce is one of my favorite songs by them, but the magic is just gone, and I want to cave the skulls in of all the self-titled’s dick riders.