October Tide - Grey Dawn


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
October Tide - Grey Dawn
Avantgarde - 1997
John Knudsen

The second outcome from swedish goth/death metal band October Tide is better than their first (Rain Without End). They still play excactly the same kind of music, and Mårten Hansen's growling hasn't improved (I don't think anyone can growl more aggressive than him!), but they've got a mood in the music which wasn't on Rain Without End.

The opener (the title number) is the best track on the album. Katatonia singer/former drummer Jonas Renkse plays the drums and some guitar and his Katatonia companion Fred Norman handles the Bass and guitar as well. The style can be compared a lot with earlier Katatonia (before "Discouraged Ones" e.g. "Brave Murder Day" and "For funeral to come"), but instead of Mikael Aakerfeldt's (Opeth) impressive growling they have Mårten Hansen's. I must admit he's good at his growling, but it can be VERY hard to hear what he says, and that's a shame because you can't just sit back and enjoy the music (which is what they planned!). The conclusion is therefore a little ambivalent.

The music is awesome but because of the growling it can't be the masterpiece it could become; it's only a good album.