Official Seventh Wonder Merchandise online store


Mr. Bassman
Apr 19, 2008
Finally we are able to offer the one thing we get asked the most (except maybe "will you come to xxxxx and play?");

-We have an official webshop open!!! :hotjump:

This is a deal with a second party so we are directly involved with everything but do not actually handle anything practical, so please be open and honest with your feedback, so that we make it everything we all want it to be.

Here it is:

seems to work now. ordered the hoodie, shipment to germany. Checkout and payment with paypal worked for me.
Fantastic, well done!!
It's a (simple but) well-designed page with a clear view on the products. I especially like the 'Black Dickies Work Shirt', it's something different.

New cd, a new official-site, a whole lot of new fans and now with the new official webshop the icing on the cake.....:kickass::headbang: .

Are the prints on the shirts silk screened, or iron ons like the ones at Prog power.
I guess what i'm asking is, are the prints rough to the touch, or do they feel like the shirt itself.
I think that is what silk screened is?
That Mercy Falls shirt is freaking awesome!!!


1) As I understand it they ship worldwide, there is a choice you make on the first page, is this nopt working properly? If we could get board members here from each continent confirm that the order went through and reached you ok, then everybody will know it works (and we too).

2) I am not sure how the print is made I am afraid. Please contact the site administrator at the company who helps us as they deal with all such matters.
Also, please contact us with any comments regarding quality and or service as it is very important to us that you all feel satisfied with what you purchased.

Thank you!
Here is their response.
(Nice response time)

Thank YOU for your interest. We are very proud to be working with them.
All the shirts & other merchandise are silk screen-printed. We will not do the heat transfers or digital printing.

There is your answer folks, in case anyone was wondering.
Oh, and one Mercy Falls XL t-shirt ordered.
I will wear it proudly.


Will there be beanies and wristband as well on the new M-site?
I will not be able to atend the release party i Bromma.
Since the collaboration between us and SMC has just begun we are working out things as we go along, but I am guessing that if enough of you request it, they will stock it.

We can't unfortunately send stuff ourselves to everyone who wants it, which is why we started this collaboration. If you ask someone here on the board to help you out, perhaps they can pick it up for you at the release party and send it your way?

Again, we will be signing stuff as well, so any such requests I am sure you guys can handle amongst yoursleves and we certainly encourage that.

I don't usually buy things online but I wanted to buy 4 items which cost $93 by themselves, but the shipping made the total baloon to $110! I think most online retailers decrease the price of shipping as the price of shopping goes up. Are there any plans to do something similar? I really want to support you guys.
I guess many sites have a deal where you get the shipping for free if you shop for a certain amount or more.
What kind of deals this particualr vendor has I really don't know and we probably can't affect it either.

Perhaps you can suggest it to them like, if you shop for over $100 the shipping is free or something.

At least we can't really affect it ourselves.
Yeah. How would I go about suggesting this to them?

I guess there's a contact email on the site. I'll email them and see where that leads.

They said they're a small business so they can't provide anything like that. Oh well. I bought the merchandise.