Official Seventh Wonder Merchandise online store

Today I received my hoodie and charcoal TGE T-shirt. Both large and fit like a second skin! Wash before wearing, after 5 minutes my hands turned black from the hoodie!
Really want to order a shirt + poster or the beanie + the poster, but the poster's image appears to be broken so I can't see it (I just assume it's The Great Escape album cover). Anyway, once I get some spending money I'll probably buy an item + the poster whether I can see what it looks like or not (I love Seventh Wonder) but I just thought I'd bring this up.

PS. Seems like the poster is in the US store only, incase you wanted to check it out yourself
I won £150 today and i really want the hoodie and a second t-shirt :rofl: Shipping is going to cost me half the price of the order though :(
For all the female SW fans: there now is a girlie-shirt in the webshop!
I usually buy merch at the concerts, so they better bring all their stuff to PPE or I will be very disappointed! :lol:

*bump* Please anyone can make sure the whole merch table will be at PPE?

I need:

1 Girlie Size L
1 Hoddie Size L
1 Grey TGE Shirt Size L

I'm going to cry if I can't buy this at the gig. :lol:
There's a new Tee available!
Check it out:


Go here for SW's Official Merchandise:
I really wish the logo on the girlie wrapped around... :err: But it's very cute either way, if any of the ladies here have one, will a L fit about a 98cm chest?

Does anyone have the measurements for the sleeves of the zip hoodie? Size S or M probably. They're not too tight are they? My Kamelot zip hoodie's cuffs are too tight to push them up, I love that hoodie, but I don't want to fight with tight cuffs again, particularly if it will cost me $40. I'm short so I'm used to having sleeves be too long for me and I actually like that feel, but not being able to push them up to keep them from getting dirty when I'm working is very annoying... :bah:
I have it in L, but my chest is more like 93 so it's hard to tell. But I like it loose so there's still room left. ;)

About the hoodie, I think it's quite similar to the Kamelot hoodies. I have my kam hoodie in M and the length of the sleeves is perfect.

Sadly the SW hoodie in M is sold out. I had hoped that L would fit too, but I had the chance to try one in Large at ProgPower Europe and the sleeves were way too long. :( Since you say you are short... maybe S is an option for you. I don't dare ordering it out of fear the sleeves will be too short in my case.
^ Yeah, my Kam hoodie is a small, and its sleeves go down to my fingers if I let them hang straight down. :lol: Thanks for the info. I'll be hacking and slashing the shirt anyway so it should have room - I think it would look very cute like this: [ame][/ame] It would make the logo not wrapping around less annoying. This particular design has a bit of a learning curve if you plan on trying it, so you might want to try a few times on some old cruddy shirts before you attack a band tee you had to ship in from Europe. :lol:
Wow, that looks interesting! Not that I would ever attempt in trying this. I have absolutely no talent in sewing or tailoring... it would end up in a mess.

Well in general I would love to see a girlie with the title and the logo like they have as a normal shirt. I bought the normal shirt in S in Milan and it's nice and everything - but as a girlie it would be perfect!

I don't really mind that the logo is not wrapping around. I just find it a bit sad that you can't see the logo very good when you have a hoodie wrapped around your waist. So I always try to not do it.

By the way - I have a picture where you can see me wearing it:

It's definitely quite loose, I'm sure L wouldfit you. :)
^ :lol: It's not as hard as it looks really, it just takes some practice.
And yeah it looks like it should fit fine, thanks for the photo. :)
I haven't order anything yet, but I was wondering, does the shipping will cost more to the U.S. or to Costa Rica? I'm Costa Rican but I have a locker in the U.S., I usually order things to that locker because it's a lot safer, and I only have to pay the shipping to the U.S. plus $10