Oh yeah!


Obsidian Productions
Jul 24, 2005
Uppsala, Sweden
Pretty quiet in here.
Guess I'm not really that suprised after all :p
Our HUGE swarm of fans haven't found their way here yet, well except Cara then :p

In case you're wondering. We're mostly focusing on writing new killer songs for the next album. Easiest thing to do when ppl go on vacation and stuff. Have to do something, right? ;)
Haha, a bit late. Should tell the admin to close this :p

Well, I and the singer quit the band about a year ago. I've since moved on to writing more black metalesque music (Arkitekten and Old Grim). The drummer and the other guitarist is still playing together, not really sure what's happening there. :)

Anyway. I guess you'd want some explanation as to why I quit the band. I just got tired of the music and being in a band. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the tunes, playing them as well as listening to them. But it really didn't inspire me that much.