One VERY lucky Kiss fan...

TRrEiTxIxRiE DTrash

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Apr 14, 2001

I WISH! Hahaha!

Ahhh, the fun assignments we get to do when we do an arts course :) (Laughs at Kem)
Thats cool! :D You have to tell us how much you love us if you are up there with them though, just like paul does, and i KNOW he was talking straight to me when he said that, im sure of it :lol:
Since I have taken Ace's place on stage I think I better say it in his style:

MAIDEN DOWNUNDER FUCKIN ROCKS!!! *Almost trips over looking half drunk, does twirl, plays solo with knees together*

Aww excrement occurs !

I can't see / get to your piccy Troops.. some stupid Firewall, ISP, DNS, Relay, Internet nerdy IP failure...

can you pweeze email it 2 me... I like Ace so I want a laugh :)

Cheers (go those Tigers - not! :mad: