Opeth...In Flames...Cradle of Filth...eh

AllWithinMyMonster said:
Opeth is shit. everyone album sucks. No argument. My opinion rules all. R2R kicks ass. You guys are too insecure with your musical tastes to like anything outta the realm of cookie monsterness

Obviously, you like In Flames new stuff over Opeth because we have a different for music. Don't be cramming on us about too insecure with musical tastes, because it has nothing to do with our taste. I would think that liking Opeth, Pink Floyd, Camel, Porcupine Tree, In Flames, Megadeath, Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir, the Beatles, the Doors, Led Zepplin, NIN, Lacuna Coil, Nirvana, Audioslave, the Kinks, Guns 'N Roses, Katatonia, Emperor, Children of Bodom, Tool, Faith No More, Mike Patton, Mr. Bungle, Alice in Chains, A Perfect Circle, the Melvins, Radiohead, Yes, Queen, Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins, System of a Down, u2 and thousands of other bands would mean that I am secure with my choice of music and far outside the realm of cookie monsterness. Don't try to read who and what we are based upon us liking one band. STFUKTHNX.
Mr. Niel said:
How many of you really don't give a fuck about a band's popularity/trendiness and just base your opinions of them strictly on whether or not you genuienly like or dislike their music?

I've read people explain how Opeth is trendy now. So really, all that shit about popularity is all subjective. I think popularity all depends on how you look at it, and what does that matter anyway? Music is music is music.

I don't care if someone who likes Linkin Park also likes Opeth. I don't care if some frat boy listens death metal to impress some really hot goth chick (or whatever...bare with me) when he really doesn't give two fucks about anything except getting laid and using the music to get to it. Generally, I don't associate with people like this anyway, but even if I did, music is what you make out of it. I think turning it into pissing contests over "I'm more goth/punk/metal than you" or "this was my band first, you dirty little trendy bastard" is really...immature/high-schoolish for lack of a better term.

If anything, if someone likes the same music as you, you can use that as a way to relate to them, if anything else.

People! Listen to music for what it sounds like, not what it appears to be. Images are crap and hold you from you reaching your potential. Just be yourself.
anonymousnick2001 said:
Those that dislike R2R, at least admit that Cloud Connected rocks. And Trigger has one hell of a chorus...

Cloud Connected is easily listening shit and Trigger is just a failed attempt at being catchy.
The best song on RTR is probably Drifter minus its terrible chorus.
Yes, be yourselves. I'll be myself...............................................................................yeah, I still like Cloud Connected and still don't like CoF.
In Flames came to McAllen, Texas three to four times this year, Opeth have come no where near South Texas, and Cradle have come once to McAllen this year.
In Flames and Cradle Of Filth are just hyped up trendy bullshit. Opeth may be trendy now but they let the music do the talking and its not their fault that loads of little nuggets have started buying their albums.
I love how people like to bash on R2R..it's like it's the cool thing to do. I listened to that cd the other day and it sounds just like their previous albums..and IMO the only "filler" that kind of leans towards nu-metal is track 6. Transparent <----very fitting title! and track 8. Egonomic, these both suck ass and really disapointed me. BUT the rest of the album is VERY In Flames. Oh well..got that off my chest..that's been bothering me for some reason.

As for the popularity of these 3 bands..here's my take,

In Flames is just good metal. It's more accessible because people can follow it. It's straight forward, catchy and easier for people to listen to. I love this band!

Cradle is something that's trendy and has a sort of novelty to it. I think it's cool for kids to like this band because of the shock factor..their parents hate it..therefore it must be cool. And we all know kids are the majority where purchasing cds is concerned. I can tolerate some of their stuff..but it's not something I really enjoy listening to very often.

Opeth is thinking mans (or womans) music. You can't just put it in and expect to be able to listen casually. You need to pay attention to "get it" and a lot of people can't get it. Opeth takes effort on the listener's part..therefore it weeds out people who aren't into depth in their music. I think Opeth is more known than we all think...after all..,there is no other like them! They are my fave and as far as I'm concerned, the most brilliant band to ever come along:D
Alcapoth said:
ok, allow me first to start this thread off by saying the song "Cloud Connected" (which I just recently heard) by In Flames caught me by surprise....wasn't expecting to like it, but damn...it's pretty impressive with an addictive beat to it. One of those short kinda songs you can play 10 times in a row and just not get sick of it.

I borrowed the album "reroute to remain" with 14 tracks by In Flames from a friend (and he's not too big on Opeth, btw....weird) and I hear some In Flames and find it good. Thing is, all the other songs are just average metal songs....nothing special and get kinda old quick. That cloud song really does have something....I take it this is the much newer material?

Cradle of Filth.....always thought they had some great melodic stuff (Cruelty and the Beast comes to mind - which is still IMO their opus!)...haven't heard the new stuff yet (onto the Sony label and all). Anyway, great band.

Now....the point. Opeth are my fave band (no surprise there) and I realize they are getting a bit bigger with every album release it seems, sure. But, In Flames and Cradle seem to obviously have more recognition than Opeth right now.

My thought is, how did the audience suddenly find these bands "appealing?" Like, all the sudden my buddies who have never mentioned In Flames before are in love with that cloud song. One of them thought Opeth was alright, saying songs like bleak for example were good, but...still, I don't know. It's the IN FLAMES....what is it, the more "mainstream" sound or something? Because seriously, I don't quite remember In Flames sounding quite like they do now. Growls are still intact, but somehow not too apparent.

Cradle are BIG in their "genre", no doubt....but it seems In Flames can be making their way BIG into the "known." Hmm...wonder why it's so hard for Opeth, even though they are still somewhat bigger (I'm guessing nowhere near IF)


The metal scene goes beyond opeth and in flames.

I think people listen to these bands first because they are the most mainstream in metal right now.
Black_paragon said:
only the newest of fans would call reroute to remain good

Speak for yourself. I began listening to In Flames over 4 years ago (sometime in 1998 I believe) and I find R2R to be quite a good album. It's poppy, it's catchy, and it's simpler. It's not another Whoracle or The Jester Race.

And I like it.
I actually really enjoy Cradle of Filth...fun band to listen to...and I think the recent album has some pretty awesome songs on it (though some of them are a bit bland). Its weird, but some people get so hung up on their image and 'arrogance' and all the shit associated with them that they must ignore the music or something...I started listening to them with very little knowledge as to the band and their image etc. and I loved the music. I still enjoy it...what is it that is so bad about it? Dani's vocals are often annoying and crap but that is my only complaint...it almost feels like these days bashing them is just as trendy as liking them...fuck all that shit. I like them and don't give two shits about their image or whatever that asshole Dani does, the music comes off as alot better than what people give them credit for in places like this, where trendy = evil but no one will admit it (although I didn't enjoy Midian, cos it was shit. Hehe) Not my favourite band but far from as bad as most people say.

As for RtR, it is also NOWHERE near as bad as people say it is. It certainly isn't good...a bland, boring and pretty lame album with a few good bits, but some of the bashing is ridiculous and sometimes I think people need their ears fucking washed out. It isn't as bad as most say, really...although it is sorta bad. I enjoy Cloud Connected, Dawn of a New Day, Dark Signs and my favourite Black and White, which almost sounds like a return to form...so it isn't all bad, at least to me.

I listen to a wide range of music and CoF are part of that...as for In Flames, I love everything Clayman and before hand and even like RtR sometimes. People here need to just chill out.
I disagree with Opeth not being able to 'catch' you like say, In Flames can. Sure, if you want to fully understand and appreciate Opeth's music, you need to spend genuine time listening to it, but most of the riffery and melody is so well done that it catches you and draws you in no problem with even just casual listening.

and nergal_s is so right. =)
Ok, about the integrity of the music. I know people that like Opeth, but don't have the attention span (for lack of better words, don't take offense if you don't like Opeth ^_^) to listen to a whole Opeth album. Bands like CoF, CoB, and IF are much more easy to grasp your attention. More guitar solos and faster paced music usually tend to catch people's attention. Opeth has simply, a completly different style from any other band.

Personally, I like Opeth over every band mentioned in this thread. I am not exactly sure, because I like each band, but for different reasons. I like CoB for the guitar solos. I like CoF for the pure satanic screams (Dani Filth sounds kick ass, no matter what image or whatever he has, he still is the has one of the best gothic voice). I like IF for just pure nastalgic metal sound that is appearant in their earlier albums.

I am not attempting to say that one band is better than another, and I don't think that anyone else should. I have no problem with someone saying that J-Lo is the best music artist in the world as long as that fan gains something from listening to her that he/she can charish.

Some music appeals to some people and some music doesn't. Why do you care whether someone you don't even know likes something that you don't? Just think about that question...