Press Release March 2nd 2011 - Power Quest on tour with Symphony X

I bought a ticket just for you guys Steve. I am not a huge Sym X fan to be honest though I've seen them once before at the Astoria before they knocked it down. Only thing is Ticketweb haven't sent it to me yet the so and so's! Still it should come this week some time. Also got the Purple Turtle ticket in the same batch. I think this will be my 3rd and 4th time seeing you guys. I saw you at the Underworld with Labyrinth if I'm not wrong and once before which my memory lets me down as to location, possibly Underworld again. Steve will there be a 3rd band with Sym X or not? I hope not so that PQ can get to play an hour hopefully! I want to see how Chity will sing the old songs with all those high notes and that. We'll see!

Just 2 bands on the Symphony X tour......I believe we have been allocated 45 minutes maximum to play!

I think what everyone needs to remember is that Chity and Alessio have a completely different range......and he's not going to hit notes that Alessio hit, in the same way that Alessio couldn't hit the lower notes that Chity does. Chity will be hitting the high notes at the top of his range though :headbang:

Ah yes.....The Underworld with Labyrinth and Dream Evil back in 2004 I believe! We played the Underworld a number of times back in the day...including with Pagan's Mind on one occasion in 2006.

Look forward to seeing you again! :headbang:
On the road on our way to London.

Gav is examining the back of his eyelids as usual. Andy is addicted to his i phone. Chity is just looking cool. Rich is showing off his tattoos. Steve in the front leading the way as always. And guess who got to do the typing?

Excitement is building and we're really looking forward to tonight's show at the Scala. Will be good to see those of you that are coming along tonight, we'll be rocking out old and new PQ tracks. Now is the time, time for us to be Rising Anew!
The show in Bilston at the Robin 2 last night kicked major ass! We all had a great time and enjoyed hanging out afterwards into the early hours with some new fans as well which is what this is all about!

Sheffield here we come.......
Gav keeps rock n roll alive on the PQ/SX tour!


Hopefully the link works : )
Well, what a great tour! We are now heading our seperate ways before rehearsals again April 9th. Paul and Andy have just left for Manchester and then Paul heads to Glasgow. Me and our tour manager simon will be leaving for Southampton within the hour and Gav will be heading to South Wales. Chity is currently en route to Sri Lanka.

Massive shout out to everyone who came along to the guys rule!