Jan 8, 2017
Back in the magical time of 2007. I saved money working at Walmart just after high school and I bought a 16 track recording system that could record up to 8 tracks at once and had a built-in CD drive and a drum machine. I can remember that the drum machine was a bitch to program, but after I got the hang of it, I made some pretty cool shit for being just a teenager. I'd burn CDs and whatever off of it and listen to them in my car and impress all my friends and store it on my iPod... Wow, I thought I was so cool.

Eventually, though, technology moved along and I got my hands on a Presonus Audiobox with a StudioOne Artist program and I downloaded a metal drumkit for programming within. All on a cool iMac computer of mine with like, 32Gigs of RAM. Of course, I had to work my ass off to afford this shit, but it was worth it.
I'd never go back to any hardware like the 16 track I bought. You just lose too much quality in the sound while recording. It makes me wonder why I see other people still recording with this funky hardware... Especially when you can't manipulate the drum track to anything you want. In these two programs I mentioned, you just fill in the drum tabs to your heart's desire and it's pretty convincing.

Is there hardware out there that records better than ProTools or StudioOne? The process as far as I know totally dulls the punch or what your sound could have been in a recording if you just went with a program.

Is there any hardware worth buying out there that does a better job?