Problem with "Still Life"

The old Swede said:
OK guys, I compared the playing time of the song on the CD with the playing time that is written on the back of the digipak and - guess what? - there´s 3 seconds missing!

What, so you win? You obviously know more about Mike's music than himself.

I love petty arguments.

No, no, no...I have the vinyl so I KNOW where SPD cuts off and how the ending is supposed to be. However, the disk in question cuts off 10 seconds EARLIER than it’s supposed to. I can back into the last 10 seconds but it won’t play them; it immediately jumps to the beginning of “White Cluster”.

Jerkface said:
You must be pretty dumb to think it was a problem with your disc only...You're such a stain.

No, young lady. I figured it was a manufacturing defect which is why I was asking if anyone else had this problem. You're the stain. :yuk:
Cama_Zotz said:
Why does everyone care what other people like and listen to?
Its our job as Metalheads, to take into account others taste in music, and then deem their worthy or not worthy of our extreme true Metal eliteness. :Smug: