question about re-issue of Morningrise....

Well, a few people have seemed to be a bit disgruntled about it. Fair enough, it does kind of break up the continuity of the album. If you can regard it as a curiosity, and an interesting look at the beginnings of Opeth, then by all means, get the reissue. For the sounds if your impression of the Orchid reissue though, maybe going for the older release is not such a bad idea.
I like having it, but I think it would be better if it came on a mini-cd or comes as a bit of a shock to hear the underproduced and roughness right after the serene beauty of To bi you Farewell. You can always program your cd player to skip it though.
hehe, then I think I'll buy the old one :)

that one on ruins Apostle in Triumph :(
a nice fade-out followed by a harsh wake-up call in the
form of a thrashing freaking blast.....not fun at all, heh