Orchid VS Morningrise

I prefer...

  • Orchid

    Votes: 23 37.1%
  • Morningrise

    Votes: 39 62.9%

  • Total voters
Im going to have to go with Morningrise just inching out Orchid. Its hard for me to decide because these 2 are my favorite Opeth albums.

Orchid is still absolutely awesome because of Twilight is my Robe and the Apostle in Truimph. Apostle has my second favorite Opeth riff in the ending part.

Then, you have Morningrise. It has my 2 favorite Opeth songs and my favorite Opeth riff. My 2 favorite songs being Black Rose Immortal and The Night and the Silent Water. BRI is just so emotional and beautiful from start to finish.
My favorite Opeth riff would have to be BRI at 13:38. That backing riff is the sweetest and greatest riff IMO.
Plus, To Bid you Farewell is great, too.

These 2 albums beat out all the others too.