Orchid VS Morningrise

I prefer...

  • Orchid

    Votes: 23 37.1%
  • Morningrise

    Votes: 39 62.9%

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May 5, 2002
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This has been done ages ago I'm sure, but I'd be interested to see what the result would be now what with all the new fans on the board.

So whadda you think? Orchid or Morningrise?

Myself...I'd go with Orchid. I think that Morningrise is a bit overrated...I like Orchid better because the songs feel more organised and flow better...I also feel it has more memorable riffs (In the Mist She was Standing...The Forest of October...The Twilight is my Robe...all crammed with AMAZING riffs). Morningrise just doesn't get to me in the same way Orchid does...it just sounds like a slightly random riff fest (A VERY GOOD random riff fest mind you).

Keep in mind I've had both for a long period of time and I 'understand' them both equally...after all this time I still find myself putting on Orchid over Morningrise.

What about you?
Orchid's a more fun listen somehow. They're about equal to me anyway.
Although I can't seperate the two of them, I think Orchid is a tad more special.
Morningrise for me. It's a coherent story, which when done well (as Morningrise undoubtedly is) is always more interesting than a collection of unconnected songs, in my opinion. Besides, the cover is better. =) :loco:
I would have to say Orchid. The songs, individually, have alot more character than Morningrise I think and Orchid has some of the best riffing I have heard in my life... it's just alot more memorable in that sense... In Mist She Was Standing... Forest of October, The Twilight is My Robe are just prime examples of that, awesome solos, awesome riffs awesome musicianship.

Mind you I love Morningrise, it's just at this point in time I feel a great connection with Orchid, as a musician.
Voted for Orchid... mainly because I love the production much better.
Musically both albums are equally great for me, but I somehow don't really like the guitar sound on Morningrise.
Orchid sounds better and is more atmospheric.
I know many of you think Morning Rise is overrated, and by coming in this forum and reading posts, I can see why it would seem it is. But I think it is so good that it warrents all the praise it has recieved. I absolutely love Black Rose Immortal. So I would go with Morning Rise, but there is no way I am ever going to get rid of Orchid. They are both superb cds.