Recommend me Some "Good" Death Metal

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Sep 27, 2002
So far, I really only like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Nile, and Dying Fetus (and Opeth, obviously, if you want to call them Death Metal...). Everything else I've tried to listen to (Deicide, Malevolent Creation, some other stuff) falls kinda short of the badassness held by these bands.

I do have Covenant by Morbid Angel which is pretty cool, I've heard some Krisiun and I was interested in getting the first Hate Eternal CD since it had Doug Cerrito and a Morbid Angel guy... am I missing anyone else that's really badass or what?

(I'm a fan of heaviness and technicality, if that helps)
yeah get the Breeding Death EP and Resurrection Through Carnage by Bloodbath

get Cryptopsy 'Whisper Supremacy' and 'None So Vile' for the brutal technical death metal part

get Origin's new one 'Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas'. It's insanely technical and... FAST... their self titled debut isn't all that interesting compared to this one.

get some Behemoth too, i like 'Thelema 6' the best... but i haven't heard ALL of their stuff and there's probably something better out by them.

Dissection's 'Storm of the Light's Bane' (although more like blackened thrash metal) is awesome and worth owning as well.. as is any Edge of Sanity release with Dan Swano on it, get Purgatory Afterglow, Crimson, and Spectral Sorrows.

Hypocrisy have some wicked stuff out, but falls far short in technicality. Get The Fourth Dimension, the Final Chapter, and Abducted.

hrm... that's all hams suggestions.

good luck!
Soilwork, older stuff is heavy, newer is more melodic.

Napalm Death.

Definitely Cryptopsy.


Cephalic Carnage (Jazzy Grindcore...)


Six Feet Under.

Hate Eternal does kick a lot of ass.
It depends on what you like.

There's a pile of technical thrashy bands that get labelled Death Metal all the time, and quite frankly they are nothing like Death metal... bands like Atheist, Death, Martyr

Martyr's Warp Zone is one of my favourite album's ever. It's in the genre of Technical Death Metal, but really it's just Progressive Thrash. Very Very cool, technical cd.

Same with Death's The Sound of Perseverance.

Atheist's Unquestionable Presence

If you like technical stuff, go for Theory in Practice - The armageddon Theories... possibly the most technical cd i've ever laid ears one. Absolultey bizarre :eek:

Alarum are another Technical Death band. Thrashy Jazz, really really cool. THeir 2002 demo release is absolutely amazing, you should do all that you can to get your hands on it...

Then there's the Death Metal you are talking about. Morbid Angel is personally my favourite, but there are a few other cool ones kicking around, but the band that you MUST MUST check out is DECAPITATED, their first release "Winds of Creation" is absolutely amazing... i like it even more than Morbid Angel's formulas album, which is a BIG ask
Originally posted by Thunderbolt of Ba'al
Demilich- Nespithe

That band are quite good, but the vocalist I cannot get past... death vocals are fine with me, but that guy is just burping...

Maybe I should listen to it again... :)
Originally posted by Thunderbolt of Ba'al
Atheist's first two discs were death metal, even if of an esoteric variety. Elements was bad jazz with a distortion pedal though.

Fair enough dude... i personally don't see anything remotely death metal about them, especially not peice of time. Unquestionable Presence... hmmm... maybe because of the tech, but in no other ways.

Elements is good dude, Mineral and Elements have got two of the coolest tech grooves ever
I can't believe nobody's mentioned Entombed or Dismember yet.

Entombed - "Left Hand Path" and "Clandestine"
Dismember - "Like An Ever Flowing Stream"
Bolt Thrower - "The IVth Crusade"
Carcass - "Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious"
Bloodbath - "Resurrection Through Carnage"
Hypocrisy - "Into The Abyss"
Deicide - "Legion"

Those are some of my favorites.

Oh yeah, and I forgot Morbid Angel's "Altars Of Madness" and "Blessed Are The Sick".
Thanks kids.

Ewwww...someone said Six Feet Under. That's something else I listened to and didn't like.

I heard some Atheist songs from Piece of time yesterday. They sound a little thrashy more than "The most Technical Death Metal ever!!!" like their website touts them.

I'll have to try alot of this stuff. Feel free to keep suggesting...
Origin-Informis, infinatas, inhumatas
Nile-Black Seeds of Vengence
Cephalic Carnage-Lucid Interval
Agolloch-The Mantle
Vehemence-When God Was created
Carcass-Heart Work
Arch Eenmy-Wages of Sin
Suffocation-Peirced from within
Death-Leprosy ,Human, Individual Thought Patterns
Morbid Angel-Bleesed are the Sick, or Domination
Immortal-Damned in Black(black metal)
Cryptopsy-None so Vile, Whisper Supremecy
Vader-revelations or litany
Immolaation-Unholy Cult (new CD)
Just to name a few good death metal bands to check out..-l- Hails...
How is Agalloch a death metal band? "The Mantle" is mostly acoustic guitars with clean
vocals and some scattered deathy vocals.
Agalloch are considered a death/doom metal band..Funny you ask because not everyone considers Opeth a death metal band with all those ballads that our buddies in Opeth do so well, and acoustic interludes..Damn Opeth are due out for a very non metal MELLOW CD in March of 2003,(Damanation) does that not make Opeth metal are just very diverse..? Hails..-l-