Classic Death Metal

I was just looking at Corporal Punishment yesterday and wondering if they were any good with that stupid fucking plain as shit band logo.

You know of the latter three I know, but others may benefit. Resurrection is fucking awesome, Eulogy is good from what I can remember, but I've never heard Astaroth myself, they only recorded demos.
Resurrection -embalmed existence is excellent.

Does anyone else prefere Unleashed 'across the open sea' over 'shadows in the deep' ?
I can't wait until somebody reissues that so everyone who buys that feels like a jackass some time down the road.
i dont know where this goes but can someone suggest some fast paced metal in the vein of carcass-heartwork perhaps.
I like From Beyond. It's very simple and not original or anything but still has it's own sound and the band gets away with it. Kam Lee lee has a very distinct death metl growl and rick rozz has great tone regardless being average. This along with Death -spiritual healing have perfect production jobs for early 90's US death metal while still not going into a polished modern sound.