Scion Rock Fest Review...finally!


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Feb 11, 2007
Atlanta, GA
Ok so this took me forever since my friend wouldn't send me the pictures. He finally sent them so I'm finally reviewing this. Haha. ;D

Ok so I went to my friend's house the night before and we just hung out and then went to bed around 3:00 am. Big mistake...we were tired when we got up at 7:30 4 and a half hours later. So we get up and go to starbuck's to wake us up and head to Atlanta. We got there around 9:30 and there were a bunch of people already lined up but there weren't riots like I thought and it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. We stood in line for 2 and a half hours then we finally got in. So I wanted to see Apocalyptic Visions first but they didn't show up for some reason. So we saw a little of Kylesa. They had 2 drummers and were kinda weird so we just left and waited for Suidakra to start.


Ok so I was really excited to see them and would of went to the Pagan Knights tour just for them if they didn't get combined with the Scion Rock Fest. This was their 1st Atlanta date so it was pretty cool. Anyways, they were playing in Purgatory (very small stage) so it kinda sucked but they were good anyways. They got the crowd going and made everyone pump their fists in the air and say "hey!" multiple times. They played a few new songs and some old stuff, although I only have 3 of their albums so I don't really have a setlist. Their sound kind of sucked since it was in Purgatory and the vocals sounded kinda weird, but overall they were really good. They didn't have shirts, which was kinda gay. I just hope they come back and get to play Heaven next time I can truly appreciate them.




I left during the last song of Suidakra to get a decent spot to see Salome. Ok I had never heard of Salome until a month before this show but when I got their album I was blown away. I was even more blown away when I found out the singer was a girl and she was hot too. The band has a doomy/sludgy sound and it's very slow and crushing. I got about 3rd row eventually throughout the set. This band killed live. The singer was hot and sounded great live. She does mostly high shrieks but can pull off amazing low grunts. The music was slow and crushing, just like on album. THeir sound was also very good and you could hear everything. They played one of my favorites as the last song and they were by far the best band of the night. They really surprised me. If you haven't heard this band, check them out now!

Here's some crappy cell phone pics since I couldn't find my friend to use his camera:



I also got this's epic:



I wanted to see them but we were kinda tired already so I heard them but was just sitting down outside. They were ok but I didn't really care for them enough to watch them or anything.


Ok I only have the Pink album from them so I wasn't really familiar with them before the show and sorta wanted to see them but didn't really care. I was blown away by their performance. The drummer was the star of the show and had a mic and was getting the crowd riled up. They played a song off Pink, which I recognized and it was really good. The crowd really enjoyed em and a lot of fans were there for them. After playing their fast, metal stuff, they played some of their Drone/ambient stuff and I heard it but went to get a hot dog. I came back towards the end and really liked it. I have to get more of their stuff really soon.

Pig Destroyer:

Ok I was really excited to see them since they never tour and are one of the few grind bands I love. I told my friend to hold my shirts and come with me but I lost him. I got to about the 2nd row and people were already waiting in anticipation. One guy got Scott Hull to give him his cigarette and I swear he said "I'm never washing this hand again!!" Haha. Anyways, when they came on, the place erupted. I was in the pit in the beginning but I kept falling so I kinda stayed towards the front after that. I swear I fell like 6 or 7 times. But it was muddy and dirty and everyone was going crazy. The only thing that sucked is you coudn't hear the guitar in the first couple of songs and the vocals weren't great. They also played a lot of stuff from the new album, which I wasn't familiar with. Their set got cut but I'm pretty sure they played at least 2 songs from Terrifyer and Piss Angel was last. They were easily one of the best of the night. I wish they would tour more and play more more songs though.

I got this shirt:


I'm also in this video...if you pause it at :22 seconds...I'm the guy running 2nd to the left right after the guy lifting up his arm with the I'm famous. Haha. j/k.

So after Pig Destroyer, I lost both my friends. I found 1 of them pretty easily about 5 minutes after but we were looking for one of my friend for a LONG time. I wanted to see Krallice but my friend's phone was dead and I was his ride so We searched around for like 45 minutes and finally found him. He was mad at me for some reason. Whatever. Anyways, I saw Krallice's last song and they were good but I wish I could of seen their whole set.

Wolves in the Throne Room:

So I was mainly excited to see them. They were the #1 band I wanted to see and I figured they would be the best. Salome was better but they were still amazing. It took em awhile to set up and they were having technical problems before they even started. They kept telling them to turn the guitars and vocals up but you could hear a buzzing noise in the amp. They never fixed it, but they just told them to turn the lights down (like Wolves always requests).

They played a few songs I didn't recognize (probably off the new album and EP), plus the guitars and vocals weren't loud enough. I recognized Queen of the Borrowed Light, which was one of the highlights. After that song, they told them to turn the drums up, which was stupid. The bass drum was so loud and annoying. I love the snare sound in Wolves and you couldn't even hear it. But the bass drum was even louder and the vocals and guitars were even lower so the next song sucked. But they fixed the sound finally for Vastness and Sorrow, the highlight of the night. That is my favorite song so I loved it. I just wish they would play the last minute of it but they never do live for some reason. Overall, a little disappointed at the sound, but they were still great and I can't wait to see them again.




I also got this shirt:


I wanted to see Converge but they changed thier set time to 6:30. So I just went outside to see Neurosis.


Me and my friends were tired again so we just sat down and listened a few hundred feet away. I wasn't really familiar with them before but they sounded pretty good. To be honest, I wasn't really paying attention and I regret that but oh well. I'm sure I'll see them some day again.

Septic Flesh:

My friends were still tired so they sat down, while I went inside to see about 30 minutes of Septic Flesh. They were really good. I don't remember what song but one part they told me to go get a torch and spread the fire. lol. They used a lot of backing tracks and synths, which were really cool. I liked em lot and need to get some of their old stuff. I would love to see them again too.



I went back outside and my friends said they wanted to go home but it was only like 8:30 or something. I was like hell no I still want to see Zoroaster. They were being little bitches and pissing me off but it was understandable since it had been like 12 hours since we woke up. I made a deal with them to only see half of Zoroaster's set and we would leave at 10:30.They agreed.


They were in Purgator unfortunately, but they were still good. I just checked out this band a month prior, like Salome but was blown away. They are also sludgy and doomy but their riffs are great. I swear when they were doing sound check, I knew it was going to be LOUD. When they finally started playing, I could literally feel the bass on my chest. It was indescribable. They were truly amazing. The played Tualatin, which has a fucking awesome riff that drags on and on but is so incredibly crushing. I made it my ringtone after the show. But 30 minutes into it, I left just because I told my friends I would. I tried to find a shirt since they were so great, but they had none. They finally put a good one back up online today, so I got this.


I couldn't get any pics since there was too much fog and I couldn't even see the band the whole time. But here's a pic I found on their myspace.


I should be getting it in the mail soon....and hopefully I can go to their cd release show March 27th.

So anyways, overall it was amazing. I didn't get to see Krallice, most of Neurosis, Apocalyptic Visions, Converge, and a few others, but it was still great and very organized. I loved Wolves in the Throne Room, Zoroaster, Salome, and Pig Destroyer. I hope this becomes an annual thing because I had a great time.

There's my review. Sorry if I didn't get to see the bands you wanted pictures of or wanted reviewed.

The end. :)
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Fuck yes. Sounds like a good show. I just caught the Pagan Knights tour. I've been wanting to see Suidakra since I discovered them around 2002. They are like epic gods live.

Yep...too bad their sound sucked in Purgatory. I swear that stage is the size of a living joke.

I hope they come back so I can truly appreciate their sound.

Have you been watching their tour videos? They are hilarious :p
Not gonna lie, not a huge folk metal fan anymore and I don't really dig Suidakra either... but those videos were fucking hilarious.