SHIT BALLS!! (Iced Earth)


Apr 13, 2001
I've now heard both Damien and The Phantom Opera Ghost

This album is going to be a killer.... I feel scared. Very scared. :cry:

When is it to be released?
I think its June 26th (just to be anal) :lol:
Ive got the whole album, it rules :)
Ive been TRYING to upload it to but the damn thing keeps cutting out on me ALL the time, and i cant even upload one song . GRRRRR! Ill keep trying though!
Highlights for me are as follows: Damien, Opera Ghost, Frankenstein, Ghost of freedom, Wolf and Dracula :D Its worth the wait, and some of the songs you may not like upon first listen really grow on you after you have heard them a few times.
To be even more anal, its June 25th in Europe and June 26th in America, so troops you were right :D
Though some places on the net are selling horror show already for some reason, and people have actually bought copies and have them, so who knows, we may get it a lot sooner!
Blitzy: You will love wolf if you liked Jack!