Skyfire will be the beast death band

:lol: For a moment there I thought Skyfire was recording a third cd. You bastards! :D
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Yah I know what your talking about that part is my favourite as well! :headbang:

= GUMS! Gums = ME! Me= left out
thank you neal thanks for everything give me one good reason why I shouldn't pull the trigger! :cry:

hmmm I accidentally pressed edit instead of quote :cry:
sorry gums i didnt know it was your first thread too. you didnt make any indication of that in your post. dont pull the trigger, we all love you here. well, except me. :tickled:

and yeh well make you a cake why the hell not. gotta put us on the list though :mad:
damnit were are all my SoCal boys? I know theirs at least 1....hey ummm i got some friends into skyfire! and know some random people that like them..
Give me a hi-res image of the cd cover and I will make a t-shirt and advertise for you guys. :lol:
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I want Jonas for my hood ornament :D
hahaha this statement reminds me of this one SNL skit about the mr belvadier (an 80s american sitcom for you foreign bastards that dont know) fanclub where they were talking about the difference between being a fan and a stalker. funny shit. (gadlor would fall under stalker)
:lol: What, you don't want a 6'4 Swedish guy who plays excellent music for YOUR hood ornament, neal? What's wrong with you? :p