Status Update

He, he, thanks Frankgate!

By the way, Eroc (who's gonna master the album) is on vacation so the album won't be mastered until the beginning of October. Just to let you know why the Wolverine camp is kind of quiet these days. But October is not that far away after all... :)
Some information
We are currently in a kind of "waiting process" – waiting to be able to send the already mixed tracks for mastering. So, we could say that the progress is stalled at the moment. We will let you know when the tracks are sent off. A release is definitely getting closer, but there are a few "stations" left before the new album will finally be in your sound systems.

good, will we get any samples?? :)

Honeslty, I don't know. First of all we need to have the album mastered - then, if we feel we should provide samples, we need to come to an agreement with the label responsible for the release.

That's the only answer I can give you at the moment.

The tracks will be sent off for mastering before long. Marcus will fix the final details before we can send it off. We will also see to it that the artwork is ready for printing as soon as we can.

Can't wait!
My highly anticipated releases are Seventh Wonder's (already come out), Wolverine's and Circus Maximus'. Yeaaaah! ;-)