Stop the Insanity (Thread Bashing)


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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Enough. Please.

There are enough threads here to go around - and as MANY have said before - pass by the ones you don't like. Let warsofwinter and others post their stuff - over a short period of time, if no one likes it, it will be pushed down the list. Then, they'll know the interest level of their thread.

Ok, I'm fine now. Just needed that short bitch session.
Damn this thread!

Who are you to say what we can and cannot say? How and how not we should respond to certain threads!!! GRRRRR, dictator, dictator!!! GRRRRR:mad: :mad:

Heh, just joking around metalmancpa! Fight the powers that be!!!:) :loco: