Symphony X - Live On The Edge Of Forever


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Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia
Symphony X - Live On The Edge Of Forever
InsideOut - 2001

By Graham Boyle

After five studio albums (and one Japanese-only compilation), Live On The Edge Of Forever is, as the title suggests, Symphony X's first live album. Not surprisingly, there are no songs from the self-titled debut
album; however the omission of any material from the brilliant The Damnation Game album is stunning to say the least, which leaves us with just three albums to draw material from, the majority being from last year's V, which for me wasn't as strong as the previous two albums (The Divine Wings of Tragedy and Twilight in Olympus).

Superbly recorded, the album is a good indication for us not lucky enough to catch the band's shows, just how good these guys really are. Taken from shows in France and Germany on their recent European tour, Symphony X manage to capture the sound of their studio releases and breath fire into the material in the live surroundings.

Singer Russell Allen is an absolute monster, his powerful voice leading the rest of the band, with guitarist Michael Romeo proving easily that he is as good as the likes of Vai and Satriani. Apart from the puzzling omissions, the material generally is a good selection, with the bands piece de resistance, the 20 minute epic "The Divine Wings Of Tragedy", well represented here in all its glory. 5/5

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