7th Çiço

Raist kicks ass
Sep 12, 2001
ok i' ll start with my midday.

Very hot... I just ran out of the sun and found myself under huge brunches. Cold fruit juicy refreshed my body. It was a nice rest till i heard the waves of an fuckin melody... Those melodies were fuckin irritating!

I replenished by body and forced him to reach my car.Ohhh Inside the car , hot but quiet. Then i tried to reach my home to escape from boiling sun. But on the road i had to stop because of red lights. Ok no problem at all. The fact is , it was a problem. The fuckin melody was not leave me alone with my bruce which was playin on my stereo. On that fuckin red light stoppage time ; next car's stereo was playing that melody with a high volume and noisy tone.

After all it had to be a great day. I would have my dinner with my lover at a well restaurant which had fescinating seem. Firstly this dinner gave me a great pleasure. Nice bottle of wine , delicious foods and a beatiful girl. Do you know what is next? Ehhe according to me everybody guessed. ;) It was coming from te road.Every car's stereo tape was playing that melody.

And the other day , i jumped from my bed with that melody. Our neighbors were listening that fuckin melody. Can you imagine ? At your safest place you are listening something bother you and makes you sick.

This fuckin melodie's creater is Tarkan. Turkish pop star. Turk's hero. As you read he came to this world to turn my life to a real hell. Congs Tarkan You made it.

kzuzu kuzu gel la buraya erkeksen
dilediðince sikecem seni
orspunun evladý , týrýným týrýným

by Tarkan ; Turkish famous porn star oh sorry pop star:lol:
Originally posted by Evilho
I've always known that Tarzan would be a great cultural hero in Turkey :heh:

You're quite right my friend; with enough promotion, anyone could be the cultural hero in Turkey. :cry:

But despite the extensive campaign, Tarkan could only manage to become the hero of a group of Turkish girls... those that are stupid enough to expect anything from a hardcore gay :D

Time to find a cultural hero for the Hungarians then... Let's stay in the Tarzan movie (since Turks and Hungarians have a close historical resemblance)...
Hmmm, Tarzan is taken by Turks.
Definitely not Jane for Hungarians...
So who else is left?
YES! Bullseye!


Oh! poor Hino! I can feel your pain! We have some disgusting popstars in here too! :ugh:
This Tarkan is a big problem for the world.
Girls are crazy for him although he's a gay.
His gay pics had been shown in the newspapers but nothing changed.
And you should know the lyrics,they're bullshit.
I'm sorry that they're difficult to translate because they don't have a normal meaning in Turkish.

But my hero is always Ankaralý Turgut.He's the best.
His music is fun.I prefer you to listen.
C'me on..He is a megastar..Accept him...
His songs are perfect...
He is definetely a worldstar...
And he is as handsome as Bin Ladin...:cool: