Artifact Of Chaos
May 4, 2001

i'm new here but have been listening to Opeth for a little over a year now. Anyway has any of you heard this band? I have heard a few songs and can't seem to find their cd's anywhere. If you have any information where I could pick up anything by these guys it would be much appreciated!


Ah! Tenhi are really great! They have released a MCD called Hallavedet and a full-length album called Kauan. I have them both, very good indeed. Recommended for all lovers of acoustic tragic/melancholic folk. A new MCD has just been released btw, it's called airut:ciwi. Haven't bought that yet though so I can't give you my opinions on it.

Check out their label's homepage - http://www.prophecyproductions.de/
you can order all the cds from there.
I went to that site, although I still don't know what a DM is? Anyway there are a lot of bands on that site I have never even heard of. Any recomendations Nevyn?
DM is short for Deutsche Mark. Germany's currency. =)

They have some good artists, and some crappy. *hehe* Or it could just be the different-musical-taste-syndrom...
I haven't heard all of them, but I recommend the following: (in order of appearance):
Sun of the Sleepless
In The Woods...

There are some mp3:s on the site, check'em out. Especielly Empyrium and Tenhi. Hope you find something you like...
Thanks for your help Nevyn! Empyrium is awesome I have "Songs of Moors and Misty Fields" it's a great album, haven't heard "Where at Night...." yet, I will put it on my "to get" list.
"Where at Night...." is different from the two first Empyrium albums in the way that it is 100% acoustic and has no harsh vocals. Still very good and emotional music though. If you like Tenhi and Ulver's "Kvedssanger", it deserves a place high on your "to get" list. =)
Wow I had no clue it was all acoustic and has clean vocals. I would of bought it a long time ago if I would of known this probably. Ulver-Kvedssanger is an absolute masterpiece in my opinion.
Yeah I still can't believe the same band did Nattens Madrigal right after Kveldssanger, Ulver are one of the only bands that I like who experiment with music. They are incredible.
Yes, talk about not being caught forever in the same genre! I'm really impressed by their capacity to write such (good and) diverse music.

What do you think of Metamorphosis? I like it too, even tough it's not even close to metal... hehe. But I didn't like the William Blake-album very much. It was i little well... a little too much for me.

Anyone heard the new album? Don't remember its name.
Yes, it's Perdition City

Great instrumental music, combining hard rock with trip hop and some jazzy sax, very atmospheric, moody stuff, very little singing on the 50-min album however, more cohesive than Blake though, and not nearly as much silence as Blake had
Yeah Perdition City is a great album, I love the jazzy feeling on a couple of songs, but like Gotham said there is very little singing. Thats a pretty big downfall I was hoping Garm would sing more but who knows maybe the next album. Metamorphosis took a while to get used to haha. I love it now days, but I like "Themes...." a lot more.
I've listened to Perdition City now and sure - it's a good album. But hmmm... i don't mean this in a bad way, but it feels a little to much like background music to me. I liked the jazzy stuffs.. and the trip-hop rythems... but.. hmm... it didn't get to my heart. Maybe it takes some time to get into, but right now I have other albums to buy.... =)

But still, it's very intresting to see how Ulver develops!
Well I was informed of a band called Evereve last night and after listening to a few mp3's, fantastic band. Doomy and depressing, anyone heard this band?