Anglagard and Anekdoten


Dark Overlord
Apr 28, 2002
Dayton, Ohio, USA
Has anyone heard of these bands? They're both incredible. The problem is i can't find any of their albums anywhere. I've looked in many stores and websites. even and ebay.
Does anyone have these albums? (Epilog and Hybris by Anglagard), and any Anekdoten cd? If so where did you find em? Thanks.
Syn-phonic may look unprofessional, but they are really, really great. I've ordered from them several times, and never had a problem. I would use them over Laser's Edge any day. They have a better selection, and they ship way faster. I would email syn-phonic, and make sure that they have the cds in stock. Greg, the guy in charge is really nice, and will put your mind at ease. If you still don't trust them because the site looks unprofessional, then go with the flashier site, and wait around longer to get your order.
Originally posted by IcemanJ256
bang: where did you find hybris?

i bought it through a auction site, similar to ebay..
but it should be available through some recordshops, since it has been rerelased.. i dont know any though

its released through mellotronen records..
They're all good!! All five albums! With these bands, A-d & A-n - it's where Opeth fits the most musically, I think. Now don't take a rest: go and find all King Crimson records. ;)
I haven't used this store, but has everything available from both bands (not sure if they have anekdoten-lp's, though)

I doubt you'll find epilog in any store right now, seeing as it's not in production (hopefully it will be re-released like hybris), but änglagård's live-cd, buried alive, is very good (as well as anekdoten's live-cd).