Anglagard and Anekdoten

just one anglagard cd. I downloaded epilog though because it's basically impossible to find. In a few months, i'll probably order "From Within" and "Vemod" at the same time just to save money on S&H. In case i havent told you, download the song From Within. :>

now the problem is where can i find Agalloch's Pale Folklore... "Hallways of enchanted ebony" is a great song
oh, it didnt take that long, a little less than 2 weeks I think, strage thing is, on like 6/8, they said it was 'shipped' on 6/11 at 11:48:43 AM... i dunno if that was the time but it was down to the second. it's liek they knew exactly what second they were going to ship it...or maybe they had some kinda time machine.
Cool, I'll check out Agalloch too. I have like 6 Anekdoten mp3s I haven't listened to yet. I'm afraid I'll like it too much and order it immediately. That Anekdoten official site had a lot of places that could have their stuff, including one in NJ I might try... Considering I have so many CDs to play already, I can't even justify it anymore. So, I'll have plenty of time to decide. I got Pearl Jam's No Code as a gift lately. And I bought Miles Davis's Kind Of Blue and King Crimson's Red at the record store... I'm insane. I might do the same thing and just buy all 3 Anekdoten LPs at the same time... if I ever get the money, that is.
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Agalloch can most likely be found at The End...

Nope, I looked there, they have the other Agalloch cd but not Pale Folklore. Im gonna get Stupid Dream and that Lilitu cd off theend soon though.
Yeah, I feel insane too spending so much money on cds lately and i still need tons more.