Where does the best prog rock/metal come from?

Oct 8, 2005
What is everyone's opinions on which country the best prog comes from?
I think i still have some listening to do before I make any decision, b/c i recently started listening to two good swedish bands, Anglagard and Landberk, and I like both of them a lot. These two, plus Opeth and Anekdoten, Paatos, and Morte Macabre, all of whom I like, are making me ponder the question. Although the british do seem to have the classics like Pink Floyd, ELP, and King Crimson, along with Porcupine Tree another one that I've heard.
To sum it up, I'm going to check out a lot more Swedish prog b/c I've liked what I heard so far, and then I'll make up my mind.
You guys forgot about USA: Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Tool, Shadow Gallery, Savatage, OSI, Nevermore, 3, Between the Burried and Me, etc.
Watchtower too.
and if we count bands like Atheist, Cynic, and Death, then yes, the US is another good one not to be left out.
I thought Savatage was just normal metal. (Iron Maiden style)
But they're actually prog?
They are a little bit. Albums like Edge of Thorns, Streets, Gutter Ballet are prog.
And Maiden are almost prog (Somewhere in Time, 7th Son, Brave New World, A Matter of Life and Death).