The best impulses since s-preshigh... And they're free !

Hi folks ! Just letting all you know that I'm right into the making of a new impulse pack ! It's nearly done and I gotta say these kick ass. These new ones are all very different. Once again, I did not make a few, only to choose my favorites because I hate going through hundreds of IRs all kinda similar, that gets my head spinning quite fast! Incorporated new mics and a new cab. I look forward to its release. Here's a quick pic in the meantime.

Hey Redline4 im very interested in your vox ir... will wait for the pack release !!!

Thanks for these Redline4, they really sound great!
I just downloaded the zip file from your last post but it doesn't include #4 and Tropicana. Can you upload these too?
The links for the Tropicana are dead, can someone re upload, please???
Thanks in advance.
These sound amazing, thank you so much! And yes, the Tropicana link seems to be down so if anyone could post it I would be very appreciative.
Please somebody upload the '#4' IR! The zip includes only 'Julep', 'RV SaphIR', 'off_axis' and 'DesIre'. Thanks!
As always, 2 years behind the curve...any way to get a new link for these? Just the regular IR's, not the Kemper ones. TIA!