The best impulses since s-preshigh... And they're free !

Tropicana is now my go-to IR. It's amazing. Thank you!

Here's a quick sample I made using Emissary along with Tropicana.
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Here's a better example - re-recorded/mixed my original example. (same song - all using Emissary and Telos Tropicana)

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Thanks for the conversion Pipaguapique! And yes akarawd, that'd be a cool idea. I already contacted onquel to be a part of an eventual V3 release of X50. Didnt think or Recabinet :)
Here's what I did, using the off_axis. Let this be a belated NGD for me, as I did this pretty much as soon as I got my ESP/LTD DV8-R.

Signal chain was: TSE 808, X30/LeGion, off_axis impulse. Some EQ, not a whole lot. It's part of a song from my band's upcoming album. I love the riff and thought it was perfect to show off the chunkiness of the rhythm I can get.

I don't totally understand what's up with the wonkiness of the cymbals, but whatever. It doesn't do that in my project file. I don't feel like messing with it and the essentials seem to work alright.

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Redline, thanks for the awesome free impulses. I've got a few Redwirez packs and they just have the character that these exhibit. I used the Tropicana and #4 for this:
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Hi guys!

I started doing my new impulse pack today ! Gonna be really awesome. Already got some badass results. I'll keep all of you updated on when it will be released.

Here's two quick shots of what I did today:


I've been having to use my cruddy line 6 interface until my new interface arrives and I have to say, these impulses have made a big jump in my guitar tracks. Thanks!
I haven't used your IR yet (still using catharsis mixed with whatever), but I love the products of other peoples hard work. From what I hear, these kick the shit out of Ola's shitty cabs. Thank you.
Hi folks ! Just letting all you know that I'm right into the making of a new impulse pack ! It's nearly done and I gotta say these kick ass. These new ones are all very different. Once again, I did not make a few, only to choose my favorites because I hate going through hundreds of IRs all kinda similar, that gets my head spinning quite fast! Incorporated new mics and a new cab. I look forward to its release. Here's a quick pic in the meantime.