The crowns?


Jul 6, 2001
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Has anyone listened to the crowns? I have heard some songs and I liked it, but is very hard for me to get information about them. Does anyone know a good site?

What do you, my "opethian" pals think of them?
Thanks for the link!

And...oh yeas, I mean "The Crown" didnt know so much about them, I even wasnt shure what their name was...

I will check them out!
God damn!! THE CROWN made one of the best albums of all time last year! I am talking about "Deathrace King"...
That album is making me crazy! :loco:
It's thrashy, catchy, fast, brutal... exactly what i like!!!

To those who are fans of thrashy death metal SHOULD check out this band and the album mentioned above! NOW!!!

Hope Tompa Lindberg is going to make a great job on the vocals and lyrics like Johan did!

Over and out!
Rock on! :headbang: