The End Of The Music Industry


Oct 20, 2008
Lancaster, PA
The metal industry is dying. The "machine" with the money doesn't see this genre as a profitable market industry. The most profitable industries over the last 12 months continue to be legal services, accounting, lawyers and healthcare professionals.

Bands can't make enough money to support themselves anymore (ie. those websites where bands ask the public to fund their album). Bands can't make money off of CD sales anymore because of illegal downloading. The industry doesn't go out looking for new talent anymore; if you're a performing artist, your chances of "living the dream," getting signed to a label and touring the world are less than slim to none.

Ever wonder why some of the musicians today can't hold a candle to your band or playing ability? That a guy can play 3 chords and make millions of dollars while you slave away in bars playing for (at BEST) gas money? It's because these people are chosen by investors, media conglomerates and filthy businessmen wannabe musicians.

The game is rigged. The future tense. In 5 years the music industry will be dead...
Once I discovered what wasn't on the radio, I haven't been interested in what is on it nearly as much, so I can't say I care if the people that do it for the money go by the wayside. Music will always live on.