The new OSA chat room!

Hyper: We're glad to hear you're doing better. We have a thread about the hurricane in the Lounge section, where fellow OSAers on the East Coast have been keeping us updated on how things are going. I have to admit, when you didn't come into chat on Friday, I was a little worried about how you were doing. Well, I was worried before, but you don't post on the forum that often so when we were looking for certain folks here I didn't think you would see the thread right away. You always come to chat every week, so I was very concerned when I didn't see you there. I'm so sorry to hear you guys were without power for so long! :( Did your house get any serious damage? Is everyone in your family OK, and how badly was your neighborhood affected?
I will probably show up late in this week's chat. That's because I just left earlier today (in the morning) to go on a long road trip down to Florida to go on vacation, and it's going to take more than one day of driving to get down there. By the time I check into a hotel tomorrow tonight, it could be close to 9:00 PM or maybe even later than that.
I will show up late in this week's chat as well. That's because I plan on leaving Florida to start heading back home. Even though we have to leave our timeshare before a certain time tomorrow morning, we plan to start leaving today and getting a head start on our trip back home. By the time I check into a hotel and use their wireless internet to get online, it will be after 9:00 PM for sure.
I finally checked into a hotel earlier and now I found out that no one joined the chat tonight besides myself. Sorry it took so long to check into a hotel. My parents were determined to reach Columbia (South Carolina) tonight because that was the city we got our rental car from. Tomorrow morning, we'll drop off the rental car from the place we got it from and use our actual car to get back home.
Next Friday's chat - "End of the World" Edition

Yes, our next scheduled chat will happen on December 21st, the date that the world ends according to the Mayan calendar. I don't believe in the idea the world will actually end, but it's very amusing that our next chat will happen on that date.
Yes, and it's also the last chat before Christmas! So if you feel like getting some of the holiday stress off your chest, come to chat and vent with the Oceansouls! Or you can vent about how the world didn't come to an end after all. Whichever. :lol:

Since you have so aptly titled this, I will mark this as an event on our Facebook. Try to see if we can get some folks to come.

Also, Taimi is looking to be back online by Friday, so hopefully she'll be back in chat too.
I just found out that it's been 69 days since C. last showed up on the OSA chat room. It's been so long since we had chatting in there.

If possible, this might be a good night to show up on the OSA chat room because of the news about Floor and Troy joining.
Thanks, Hyper!

Last night's chat was awesome! We had an amazing turnout; the likes of which we haven't seen since the early days of OSA, back when we used to have chats on AIM (anyone remember those?)! It was great catching up with all of you and spending the last hours of 2013/first hours of 2014 with fellow Nightwish fans.

However, I might as well take this time to make a sort of "announcement": during the chat last night, Hyperspace, Taimi, and myself all agreed that due to our own busy schedules, and the fact that the band is on hiatus right now and there won't be much Nightwish news to speak of, we are going to cut back on our scheduled chats at this time. For now, we are going to have monthly chats instead of weekly ones. We'll be holding our chats on the first Friday of every month; same time as before (starting at 8 p.m. Eastern). Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Sorry I was so sour. I felt bad about being a bit negative etc.
I thought you maybe wouldn’t want me back.:D