The OFFICIAL Anthrax Street Team ... reunion ...

Excellent! Thanks to you all.
If you really want to, you can post pictures of your street teaming efforts.
You guys rule!
Received my stuff today(missed UPS yesterday). 400 stickers and 40 posters. Tonight is the final home game for the Toledo Mudhens going for the championship this week. I won't be able to personally take any pix but I swear as if I was standing in front of my maker there will be several cop cars with 'thrax stickers on 'em and if I get close enough to the mounties there will 'thrax stickers on a few horses. Tad you rule! ROCK ON!!!!:headbang:
Rules for You Guys!

I was thinking I should post this before someone does something naughty. :saint:

:D Please do NOT put Anthrax stickers where they don't belong. Always get permission. Someone (besides prime666) mentioned putting Anthrax stickers on a cop car. Don't do it! Let the officer put them on his or herself.

:) Always be polite. Even if some CD store doesnt allow you to put up posters or leave stickers. It's not their fault. Rules are rules.

:tickled: If you take pictures of your street teaming efforts, that helps out. But it ain't mandatory.

:erk: If you get busted for putting Anthrax stickers somewhere you shouldn't be putting them, Anthrax, Zen Media, Sanctuary and especially ME are NOT responsible. But if you get arrested, make sure you have someone contact the media. There's no such thing as bad press!

:cool: Remember, Uncle Thra:rofl:ude and Anthrax LOVE you all.
So what are the chances of street teamers getting hooked up with meet & greet passes at headlining shows???
Or am I just asking a stupid question? :loco:
skullkrusher said:
So what are the chances of street teamers getting hooked up with meet & greet passes at headlining shows???
Or am I just asking a stupid question? :loco:
That is a good question.
Street teamers can get hooked up with tickets and passes! :headbang:
BUT, you do have to earn this priviledge. Some people do think that joining the street team means that you're signing up for tickets and passes without doing anything.
If I know you're helping out, I'll hook you up. Though I must admit nothing is 100%.
Also, the CDC has some of these same privileges.
First store I went to has a great selection of metal.
I shop there quite often. Old dude said he'd hang up the posters later im gonna cruise past there later to see if he did if so i'll get a pic for ya.
Second shop dude got all excited and started hangin posters.


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Whats up bud

Gary from Diego here. The local rock station ROCK 1053 has been playig
a shitload of thrax as of lately. I think we need to start blitzing
them like we did to the zone so that they will continue to give Thrax
some airplay.

They are currently running a contest where they play back to back Thrax
tunbes, you call in win tix and swag.

Here is the stations contact info.


The DJS that WILL play ANthrax are

MISSI (plays evey time I request)
BC and Clint
Gregg Stone

Just get everyone to keep emailing them. They will listen to us. Just
dont be douchbags to them.
[url=""][/url] (this is the email
request info)

or call 858-570-1053.

Lets get Anthrax on the Rock all the time.
Was at Testament last Night (Great show,New album with original lineup coming in 2006!!!!!)handed out Anthrax stickers to mostly everyone there.The metal heads there all asked me the same question"when are they coming to Long Island!!"Pictures this weekend hopefully by sunday!!
The Denmark chapter of the Anthrax/Nuclear Blast Street Team is just about set up, and ready to start spreading the disease!
I tried sending an e-mail and it said there is no such address so I'll just repeat my e-mail in here:

I want to help out Anthrax in anyway possible in Philadelphia. I'm in a band that is constantly playing shows so I could hand out Thrax propganda at the shows as well as put stuff at the record stores in the city.


My e-mail is (just in case)


I've been having issues with my e-mail address.
I'll let you all know when it's working again. Thanks!